A Celebration of Diversity: Eyewear That Is for Everyone

A Celebration of Diversity Eyewear that is for Everyone1

“Whenever I would worry, my business partner always said: Judge, don’t cry over Spilt Milk,” said the Founder & Designer of SpiltMilk Eyewear Judge Khanna. That is how the brand itself became alive and honored its mantra by using it as a name.  SpiltMilk is the new fashion eyewear brand based in New York, bringing … Read more

One Step Towards a Healthy Future

During a global pandemic, there is plenty of information and awareness about the detrimental effects that the fashion industry has caused on waste, contamination, labor conditions and over consumption. It is no secret that textile production is a top of greenhouse gas contamination, leaving behind international air travel and marine ships combined. Clothing made out … Read more

Anna Salewski Talks the Future of the Shopping Experience

The future of the shopping experience

After five years of research and hard work, Anna Salewski, was able to redesign the shopping experience for almost every shopper’s life with SCROBLE — a technology reinventing the brick-and-mortar of the retail experience while merging the offline and online environments. It all started with a simple question: “Why can’t I find the clothes that … Read more