5 Fashion Magazines for Fashion Lovers

Fashion magazines are an effective information channel to provide readers with up-to-date trends, styling tips, and product news. Many magazines also encompass sections such as home, beauty and creative photography.

Fashion Magazines in the Digital Era

As an important vehicle in fashion communication, fashion magazines have been around for many years. Nonetheless, as globalization and digital communication advance, paper publications including fashion magazines have to adapt to digital forms. Websites, blogs, digital issues are the main methods in which fashion magazines adapt. 

Of course, everyone has heard of the frontrunners of digital fashion magazines such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar; but here, we have compiled some fashion magazines that offer insights different from the mainstream. May it be an independent publishing house or student-run, you will find something to your taste in this editorial.

Fashion Magazine 1: Dazed

The 30-year-old Dazed is a British magazine founded in 1991, currently publishing bi-monthly. Aside from news in fashion, its publication is divided into several other categories including music, art and photography, film and TV, science and tech, life and culture, and politics. Its focus on presenting itself as not only a fashion magazine but also a publication that investigates the boundaries between fashion and our society is widely acclaimed.

In the past years, the magazine has undergone numerous redesigns of both its paper issues and digital websites. It has remained popular with audiences and advertisers, accumulating over 1.7 million followers on Instagram and partnering up with Miu Miu, Nike, Burberry and the likes.  

You can buy the current and past editions, as well as the 25th-anniversary special issue, of Dazed Magazine here, for a generous £5.50 (about US $7.50) each.

Fashion Magazine 2: THE GENTLEWOMAN

As the current debate in the fashion industry on women empowerment intensifies, The Gentlewoman stands out as a platform that focuses on exactly that. With the motto, “A fabulous magazine for modern women with style and purpose”, The Gentlewoman was founded in 2010 in London as the sister publication to Fantastic Man. Featuring Phoebe Philo on the cover in its inaugural issue, it now circulates over 100,000 readers worldwide.

The Gentlewoman publishes bi-annually, each issue features inspirational female figures in their industry. For instance, the latest Autumn and Winter 2020 issue hallmarks the cosmic pop star Janelle Monáe on the cover and interviews the legendary interior designer, Ilse Crawford. It also showcases some ambitious and well-written journalism, which includes an interpretation of Barbara Kruger’s iconic poster, “Your Body is a Battleground.”

Lately, The Gentlewoman has announced collaborations with Bottega Veneta, Church’s, Christian Louboutin, and so on.

You can buy the latest issues of The Gentlewoman here for €36 (about US $43).

Fashion Magazine 3: LOVE

Love magazine has been picking up the heat lately – the bi-annual British magazine, founded in 2009 by stylist Katie Grand, now has 1.3 million followers on Instagram. It features tons of interviews, videos and short films on its websites on a wide range of topics such as music and celebrity, as well as inspiring people such as Maserati’s Rosella Guasco, who heads the Color and Material department in a man-led industry.

The magazine’s #MovingLove section is a perfect manifestation of the beautiful union of fashion and technology. It highlights short videos that discuss industry prejudice and creative content such as aesthetic shoots featuring Zendaya and Bella Hadid.

You can buy various issues, including collaboration editions of Aries×Love and DR Noki×WV, of the Love magazine on its website.

Fashion Magazine 4: TANK

TANK Magazine is “a thing of beauty and permanence in the age of transience,” and was founded in 1998 in the UK. In addition to news on fashion and culture, it devotes attention to art, architecture and technology.

TANK’s website interface is far from conventional. It features a section called TANK Live, which serves as a trailer for the TANK TV. Videos of wonderful interviews, reactions, mixes of music, podcasts and talks are all showcased on these two platforms.

Much like Dazed, it puts an emphasis on politics. In the latest issue, journalist Masoud Golsorkhi talks about the false dichotomies that animate anti-immigrant rhetoric in sober writing, followed by exquisite photographs captured by Tom Medwell.

You can buy the latest and current issues of TANK Magazine here for £8 (about US $11).

Fashion Magazine 5: 1 GRANARY

1 Granary is perhaps the most unconventional of them all, for the simple fact that it was founded by top graduates from Central Saint Martins. Named after the location of CSM, Olya Kuryshchuk founded the magazine with the support from Comme des Garçons in 2012. Her vision is to represent the creative future and to question and shape the fashion industry by focusing on young and independent talent.

It remains at the heart of 1 Granary’s philosophy to inform young designers and fashion entrepreneurs and support education. It includes several sections on fashion journalism, interviews and opinion pieces. In its Designers to Hire section, the magazine highlights up-and-coming talent such as Isidora Durovic, Jisoo Jang and Sandra Poulson. To be sure, there are no other distractions – fashion remains the center of attention at 1 Granary.

You can buy the issues of 1 Granary on this website, each priced at £10 or £20 (about US $14 or $27).  

In a day and age when fashion communication is constantly evolving because of the fast-changing world that we live in, we can support the exchange of fashion by supporting niche and independent fashion magazines.

Fashion has become more intertwined with technology, innovation, politics, culture and society more than ever; with these fashion magazines, you’ll be able to explore fashion and its symbolic and pragmatic connections in the comfort of your home.  

By Donna Yang

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