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Since 2018, at our debut conference in NYFW, 7 conferences, 3 of them digital. 400 + speakers, 120 countries represented in the audience

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In this edition we had the following speakers and brands participating: Amanda Cosco, Founder of Electric Runway; Ariane Goldman, Founder of HATCH; Arielle Charnas, Founder of Something Navy; Coco Rocha, Super Model & Entrepreneur; Larry Milstein, Gen Z Entrepreneur; Livia Firth, Co-Founder of Eco-Age; Mark Bozek, Filmmaker; Matt Scanlan, CEO of Naadam; Michael Savarie, Director of Hemp Black; Pepita Marín, Founder of We Are Knitters; Sandra Campos, CEO of DVF; Sarah Davis, Founder of Fashionphile; Simon Collins, Founder of WeDesign; Tanya Taylor; Thania Peck, Founder of CATCHER In The Style; Tyler McCall, Editor in Chief of Fashionista.com; Jeff Tweedy, Co-Founder of Sean John; and so much more.
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In this edition we had the following speakers and brands participating: Alexis Rai, Director of African Fashion Foundation; Arianne Engelberg, The New Denim Project; Becca McCharen, Founder of Chromat; Bill Wackermann, CEO of Wilhelmina Models; Billie Whitehouse, CEO of Wearable X; Camille Jaillant, Founder of OLISTIC; Carry Somers, Founder of Fashion Revolution; Jacqueline Jenkins, Director of FIT – Fashion Institute of Technology; Karen Bhatia, VP of NYCEDC; Lilly Berelovich, Founder of Fashion Snoops; Lisa Sun, Founder of GRAVITAS; Mindy Scheier, Founder of Runway of Dreams; Patrick Duffy, Founder of GFX; Pierre Nicolas Hurstel, CEO Arianee; Rob Koenen, CMO of Boxed Water; Sasha Meneghel; Simla Sooboodoo; Stephanie Benedetto, Founder of Queen of Raw; Susan Rockefeller; Brie and Nikki Bella, The Bella Twins, and so much more.
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In this edition we had the following speakers and brands participating: Alfredo Orobio, Founder of AWAYTOMARS; Carrie Phillips, Founder of BPCM; Constanza Mas; David Meltzer, Founder of Sports 1 Marketing; DeeMo, Singer; Eno Polo, CEO Havaianas US; Giulio Bonazzi, CEO of Aquafil; Gonzalo Pertile, Director of J Crew; Ivan Poupyrev; Director Google ATAP; Kohl Crecelius, Founder of Known Supply; Lilian Liu, United Nations Manager of Partnerships; Nina Farran, Founder of FASHIONKIND; Paul Dillinger, VP of Innovation of Levis; Rafael Lourenco, EVP of ClearSale; Renata Black, Co-Founder of EBY; Ruth DeGolia, CEO of Mercado Global; Veronika Scott, Founder of The Empowerment Plan; Yuli Ziv, Director of LAUNCHMETRICS; Zack Hurley, Founder of Indie Source, and so much more.
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In this edition we had the following speakers and brands participating: Alexandra Waldman, Founder of Universal Standard; Arwa Alammari, Ambassador of ARAB Fashion Council; Christina Mallon, Director of Open Style Lab; Gihan Amarasiriwardena, Founder of Ministry of Supply; Jenn Gustetic, Director of NASA; Jon Harari, Founder of WindowsWear; Karl Haller, Partner of IBM; Luciana Curtis, International Brazilian Model; Madeline & Rosanne Stuart; Super Model; Mariquel Waingarten, Founder of HICKIES; Michael Ferraro, Director of FIT – Fashion Institute of Technology; Oskar Metsavaht, Founder of Osklen; Ryan Leslie, Founder of SuperPhone; Sidney Nakahodo, Founder of New York Space Alliance; Ted Southern, Founder of Final Frontier Design, and so much more.