Topics of discussion will include: Solidarity, the current  climate & ways in which established companies are adapting to thrive, tips and inspiration for start up & scale up companies to survive, “The Future of Fashion”,  sustainability, innovation, advanced technology and more.

April 20th, 09:00 AM to 06:30 PM EST & April 21st, 08:15 AM to 06:30 PM EST 

FASHINNOVATION Worldwide Talks 2020
April 20th
09:00 AM to 06:30 PM EST

09:00 AM EST

Fashion Is “Revolutionizing via Transparency”

⁃ Carry Somers: Founder, Fashion Revolution
⁃ Edward Hertzman: Founder & President, Sourcing Journal

9:30 AM EST

Fashion Is “Interconnected”

⁃ Giulio Bonazzi: Chairman & CEO, Aquafil/ Econyl

10:05 AM EST


⁃ Javier Goyeneche: Founder, ECOALF

10:45 AM EST

Fashion Is “Radical Change via Unification”

– Mara Hoffman
– Sarah Kent:
Senior Correspondent, The Business of Fashion (BoF)

11:25 AM EST

Fashion Is “Inclusivity & Women Empowerment in Challenging Climates”

⁃ Arwa Alammari: Ambassador of Arab Fashion Council & Founder Aram Designs
⁃ Emme: Founder, Fashion Without Limits
⁃ Lauren Chan: Founder, Henning
⁃ Shelley Zalis: Founder, The Female Quotient

12:10 PM EST

Fashion Is “Artists & the Entertainment/Lifestyle Industries Using their Voice for Social Impact”

⁃ Brie Bella: Founder, Birdiebee, The Bella Twins
⁃ Nikki Bella: Founder, Birdiebee, The Bella Twins
⁃ Jason Naylor: Artist
⁃ Thania Peck: Founder & Creative Director, Catcher in the Style
⁃ Jaclynn Brennan: Co-Founder, Fyli & CEO, Creative Duality

01:00 PM EST

Fashion Is “The Future of the Beauty Industry”

⁃ Katia Beauchamp: Co-Founder, Birchbox
⁃ Alex Dickerson: CMO, The Daily Front Row

01:45 PM EST

Fashion Is “Reinventing Relationships Between Brands & Consumers at a Time of Social Distancing & Privacy”

⁃ Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel: CEO & Co-Founder, Arianee & Curator & Co-Founder, Foundashion
⁃ Jenke-Ahmed Tailly: Stylist

02:20 PM EST

Fashion Is “ The Future of Fashion – Post the Current Climate”

⁃ Chris Lacy: Fashion Industry Executive & CEO, Christopher Lacy Consulting & Assistant Professor of Fashion Management, Parsons School of Design
⁃ Laura Lanteri: Creative Director & Founder, LLNY Digital Agency & Adjunct Professor, Parsons School of Design
⁃ Tiago Valente: Creative Director, Designer & Assistant Professor, Parsons School of Design

03:00 PM EST

Fashion Is “How to Adapt & Thrive in Times of Crisis”

⁃ Ricky Mendez: Motivational Speaker
⁃ David Meltzer: Co-Founder, Sports 1 Marketing & Executive Producer & Judge Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch
⁃ Tom Bilyeu: Co-Founder, Quest Nutrition & Co-Founder & Host, Impact Theory
⁃ Lisa Bilyeu: Co-Founder, Quest Nutrition & Impact Theory & Founder & Host, Women of Impact
⁃ John Assaraf: Founder & CEO, NeuroGym

03:45 PM EST

Italian Fashion Is “SDG’s During a Pandemic”

– Mrs. Mariangela Zappia: Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Italy to the United Nations 

03:55 PM EST

Fashion Is “Communicating Impact” – Powered by Conscious Fashion Campaign

⁃ Kerry Bannigan: Founder, Conscious Fashion Campaign
⁃ Clare Press: Presenter, Wardrobe Crisis podcast
⁃ MJ Day: Editor in Chief, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit
⁃ Tracey Greenstein: Senior Business Reporter, Sustainability Solutions, WWD

04:45 PM EST

Fashion Is “Sustainable Trends & Adapting the Climate to New Business Models Around the World”

⁃ Jennifer Stucko: Founder, Prota Fiori
⁃ Runa Ray: Founder, Runa Ray
⁃ Elizabeth Suda: Founder, Article 22
– Katie Goldblatt: Executive Director, Rapport London
⁃ Lucas Walker: Strategic Partnerships, Gorgias

05:30 PM EST

Fashion Is “Sustainable Entrepreneurship in Fashion” 

– Nikki Reed: Actress & Founder, Bayou With Love
– Essence Gant: Beauty Director, BuzzFeed

06:00 PM EST

Fashion Is “Innovating via E-commerce”

– Josh Luber: Founder, StockX
– Elizabeth Segran: Senior Staff Writer, Fast Company


FASHINNOVATION Worldwide Talks 2020
April 21st
08:15 AM to 06:30 PM EST

08:15 AM EST

Fashion Is “Sharing & Engaging: Consumers Transformation Insight from China”

– Lena Yang: CEO, WWD China
– Stéphane Wilmet: CCO, L’Oréal China
– Chloé Reuter: Founding Partner, Reuter Communications

09:00 AM EST

Fashion Is “SDG’s – Sustainable Development Goals”
– Nadja Swarovski: Member of the Executive Board, Swarovski

Fashion Is “Kindness & Solidarity”
– Chrysula Winegar: Senior Communications Director, United Nations Foundation
– Angus Rennie: Senior Manager, UN Relations & Partnerships, United Nations Global Compact
– Dawda Jobarteh: Global Head, UN SDG Strategy Hub
– Annemarie Hou: Officer in Charge, United Nations Office for Partnerships

09:45 AM EST

Fashion Is “The New Paradigm of Personal Choice in a Time of Urgency”

⁃ Susan Rockefeller: Artist, Activist & Founder, Musings Magazine

10:00 AM EST

Fashion Is “Innovating via Social Impact Towards Sustainable Practices”

⁃ Susan Rockefeller: Artist, Activist & Founder, Musings Magazine
⁃ Oskar Metsavaht: Artist, Founder, Osklen & UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for Culture of Peace & Sustainability
⁃ Burak Cakmak: Dean of Fashion, Parsons School of Design
⁃ Sarah Willersdorf: Managing Director & Partner; Global Head of Luxury, BCG
– Julie Gilhart: Chief Development Officer, Tomorrow & President Tomorrow Consulting

10:55 AM EST

Fashion Is “Technologies Assisting PainPoints & Hurdles via Entrepreneurship”

⁃ Miroslava Duma: Founder, Future Tech Lab
⁃ Amanda Parkes: CIO, Future Tech Lab

11:30 AM EST

Fashion Is “The Future of Logistics from Manufacturing to Packaging to Profiting via Technologies + Sustainability”

⁃ Eno Polo: President Europe, Global Brands Group
⁃ Sydney Maisel-Straitman: Director, Commonwealth Packaging
⁃ Katarina Strandberg: Co-Founder & CEO, The Swedish Villa
⁃ Michael Ferraro: Executive Director, FIT DTech Lab

12:20 PM EST

Fashion Is “African Heritage & Design”

⁃ Alexis Rai Hernandez: Director of Digital Strategy & Partnerships, African Fashion Foundation
⁃ Farai Simoyi: Founder, The Narativ
⁃ Kwaku Bediako: Founder, Chocolate Clothing
⁃ Roberta Annan: Founder, African Fashion Foundation

01:05 PM EST

Fashion Is “Sustainable Luxury”

⁃ Marie Driscoll: Managing Director, Luxury & Fashion, Coresight Research
⁃ Marie-Claire Daveu: Chief Sustainability Officer & Head of International Institutional Affairs, Kering Group

01:40 PM EST

Fashion Is “Looking at the Future of Education”

⁃ Elizabeth S. Marcuse: President, LIM College

01:50 PM EST

Fashion Is “Experiential Learning”

⁃ Nina Fiddian-Green: Assistant Vice President of Career & Internships Services, LIM College
⁃ Robert Bronstein: Fashion Leader, Former President, Max Studio
⁃ Harry Cunningham:  Vice President Retail Brand Experience, Vera Bradley
⁃ Heather Bergstein: Digital Strategy & Transformation Expert, Educator
⁃ Jordana Guimarães: Co-Founder, Fashinnovation

02:35 PM EST

Fashion Is “Circular Economy & Supply Chain from A to Z”

⁃ Bethany Williams: Fashion Designer
⁃ Simone Cipriani: Founder & Chief, Ethical Fashion Initiative
⁃ Shivam Punjya: Founder, Behno
⁃ Andrea Kennedy: Founder, & Sustainability Professor, LIM College

03:20 PM EST

Fashion Is “How Sustainability Can Be Part of the Solution in the Current Crisis”

⁃ Eva Kruse: Founder, Global Fashion Agenda & Copenhagen Fashion Summit
⁃ Brooke Roberts-Islam: Senior Contributor, Forbes & Founder, Techstyler

03:55 PM EST

Fashion Is “Here … For Good”

– Kenneth Cole
– Ali Pew: Fashion Director, goop

04:35 PM EST

Fashion Is “Creativity & Adaptation”

– Evie Evangelou: Founder & President, Fashion 4 Development (F4D)
– Beata Gutman: Founder & CEO, Grasshopper
– Aldijana Sisic: Chief, United Nations Trust Fund to End Violence against Women
– Lucie Brigham: Chief of Office, United Nations Office for Partnerships

05:15 PM EST

Fashion Is “Global Supply Chain”

Jacqueline Jenkins: Acting Executive Director of Strategic Planning & Innovation, FIT
⁃ Marci Zaroff: Founder of ECOfashion Corp & yes and, Author of ecoRenaissance
⁃ Luisa Herrera-Garcia: SVP of Production, John Varvatos
⁃ Michael P. Londrigan: Associate Professor & Advisor to the Provost, LIM College

06:00 PM EST

Fashion Is “Creating a Legacy via Design, Business & Empowerment”

– Diane Von Furstenberg
– Imran Amed:
Founder & Editor in Chief, The Business of Fashion (BoF)