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LISTEN, TALK & WATCH! A Backstage Peek at Fashinnovation’s New Brand

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Moving forward, dreaming big and taking our values with us! Fashinnovation’s New Brand launches to the world this Monday, July 19th, in a Digital LIVE for our international community. Our Founders, Jordana and Marcelo Guimarães share with the audience the company history. During the conversation, they also opened their hearts telling what we are aiming for as a company. They also shared the big news of the day: Fashinnovation will launch a content platform exclusive for members!

With the new brand, comes new goals and projects. We’re excited to grow our community, making it stronger and ever more plural. We want to keep building connections, leveraging discussions, and revolutionizing the fashion industry. 

As we say, human relations are key! So, join us on this ride and get to know everything about the new, stronger & empowered Fashinnovation.

Fashinnovation’s New Brand: Our Pillars on Its Core

Fashinnovation's New Brand
Fashinnovation’s New Brand

Fashinnovation’s new brand prioritizes diversity. People are what moves us. So, why not embrace our roots, plurality and make these the main drivers of our actions – and, also, the core of our brand concept.

The campaign was built in partnership with the JCRÉ Facilitador Institute. For the past 19 years, the social project acts in the Jacarézinho favela, in Brazil, using Fashion, Beauty and Entrepreneurship as tools to transform lives. The institute made it possible to connect  Fashinnovation with other agents, including those from other favelas.

“One of the pillars of Fashinnovation is entrepreneurship with social impact. Therefore, with the support of JCRÉ Facilitador, we launched our campaign for the new brand and the online community platform”, says our Founder, Marcelo Guimarães.

“The main objective of the collaboration is to value and prioritize the resources of the periphery in the communication production process for the new brand and platform, strengthening the creativity and entrepreneurship of these transforming agents, generating international visibility”, points out Marcelo, who reiterates that action starts with efforts linked to the values ​​of Fashinnovation, which is committed to bringing and fostering more inclusion and diversity in the fashion ecosystem and in the world.

The brand change involves an adaptation of the company after Covid. When the coronavirus pandemic hit, Fashinnovation started to host its events digitally. Therefore, from that moment on, we started having a larger online presence, bringing our community to the center. With our founders being Brazilian, this partnership with JCRÉ Facilitador seeks to give more international visibility to the true roots from which Fashinnovation was born. 

About JCRÉ Facilitador

JCRÉ Facilitator was created when Júlio César Lima started preparing girls from the community for casting calls. Everything he did was based on what he read in fashion magazines he found in the trash when he was a doorman. The models began to reach large international markets and world-renowned magazines such as Vogue.

Models and fashion production professionals from the communities participated in the entire campaign to launch the platform’s new brand. Rising brands such as Edith Swimwear and renowned brands including Osklen donated the outfits to the campaign. We counted with the support of its founder and designer, Oskar Metsavaht, one of the 400 names that have already been through the Fashinnovation events. 

Fashinnovation’s New Brand: The Concept 

We are a multi-platform content for fashion. In our channels, a lot has been listened to, watched and talked about. These three senses are the basis of the new identity. We are keeping the concept of innovation pulsating in our veins, but now bringing the composition of the elements. 

We connect different minds, voices, and points of view. Along with that, we bring together people who, within their veins, pulse innovation, entrepreneurship, community, and sustainability. If we want to change the fashion industry, let the change start from the inside out!

As you can see, each of the elements on the website has a meaning. And, from now on, you’ll see them around here often. They will be our guides in building even more enriching content and even stronger connections.

The Crew Behind the New Brand

Fashinnovation's New Brand
Fashinnovation’s New Brand

Have you ever watched the movie City of God? It is a Brazilian movie that tells the story of people from Rio de Janeiro favelas. Our point here is, as much as this film is extremely rich and important for us Brazilians, it only talks about a part of what the favelas are. Favelas are many things and, among them, they are talent, strength, and culture. They are powerful voices, with a lot to say. They just need to be heard.

Therefore, we are proud to state that most of our production staff for the shooting come from these communities. In other words, the casting, the makeup artist, the hairstylist, the catering chef were just some of the inspiring people we had the pleasure to work with. 

According to Sylvia Vitoriano, Style, Beauty and Casting Coordinator, projects such as JCRÉ Facilitador have given visibility to the talents from the communities. Unfortunately, those professionals often do not access the same opportunities as non-marginalized people and that was what Sylvia made sure to guarantee in Fashinnovation’s campaign. 

“In the community, people leave nothing to be desired compared to those who have a different social background. So, from the very beginning, when Marcelo spoke about diversity, we wanted to prioritize access to peripheral people in this campaign. And, within our staff, we proudly have 85% black people and 100% peripheral”, states Sylvia. 

The campaign featured 6 amazing models that gave life to the ideas outlined by Vinicius Monteiro, our Head Creative & Design, and his team. Andressa Matos, Caio Guimarães, Iany Kathleen, Ana Patrocínio, Gabriel Tatsuya e Raissa Barros got together and produced exclusive content that, little by little, you will have the opportunity to see. 

Fashinnovation Hub: The Digital Community That Will Lead Us to The Next Step Into Shaping the Fashion Industry

We won’t stop saying that human relations are the key. So, with that in mind, Fashinnovation announces the launch of the first-ever digital content community for the fashion industry agents. 

In August, the Fashinnovation Hub will be out there leveraging connections, proposing discussions that can trigger changes and offering exclusive content for its members. So, stay tuned to it. You don’t want to be out of this. 

Are you ready to LISTEN, TALK and WATCH? Fashinnovation’s New Brand is us and there’s a lot to come!

Don’t forget to browse our new website & check out the DISCOVER page to get inspired! 



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Head of Content & Social Media

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