MeSpoke + Artificial Intelligence (AI) Post- and-Boom!

MeSpoke + Artificial Intelligence (AI): Post- and-Boom!

MeSpoke: The App We Have Been Waiting For

MeSpoke is a collective of individuals expressing and sharing personal styles through fashion and everyone’s own innate, natural beauty. In a soon-to-be release of its internationally recognized, innovative app, MeSpoke users will experience the first iteration of artificial intelligence (AI), a data-driven interface utilizing the power of automated tagging. It’s another stepping-stone to an enhanced, personalized, and more intuitive experience while seamless to users.  

Getting Personal with Natalie

In this issue of “Getting Personal with Natalie,” we highlight how a simple upload will capture the beauty products of our loyal MeSpoke user. As evidenced by the photo below, Natalie’s interaction emphasizes how users can post-and-boom!

Within mere seconds, the MeSpoke app identifies all of the apparent beauty products on Natalie’s face – eyeliner, foundation, lipstick, and blush. The MeSpoke app automates the once-tedious tasks of individually tagging beauty products that users want to share within their social-media world from the moment of posting.

Equally important, the MeSpoke app is uniquely capable of gathering the crucial, enriching data necessary to understand Natalie’s consumer behavior and better understand, “Who is Natalie ?” What are her preferred lipstick shades? And critically important, what are the brands that have earned her coveted desire as a “loyal” consumer?

Stay tuned as we get better acquainted with Natalie and further explore how MeSpoke’s latest partnership with SomethingFace will lead to her and other users becoming “ social evangelists,” rewarding their “individuality ” on the latest technological advancements and power of self-tagging.

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