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July 29, 2019

“Fashinnovation held a successful panel discussion at WeWork in NYC, introducing its new concept “Fashion Is To Love,” which derived from its mission of showcasing innovations via ways of technology, which are shaping the fashion industry…”

July 31, 2019

“Among the more than 50 speakers are Susan Rockefeller; Shelley Zalis, chief executive officer, The Female Quotient; Carry Somers, founder, Fashion Revolution; Brie and Nikki Bella of The Bella Twins; Burak Cakmak, dean of fashion at Parsons School of Design; Bill Wackermann, ceo of Wilhelmina, and Dana Davis, vice president of sustainability at Mara Hoffman…”

July 17, 2019

“Started by Marcelo and Jordana Guimarães, Fashinnovation is an organization that seeks to provide a nexus between entrepreneurs and innovators, bringing in big names in the fashion technology world to educate and start conversation with like-minded individuals…”

February 19, 2019

“The first panel, “Disruptive Fashion & Advanced Technology: The Future of Fashion Tech Today” brought together Ivan Poupyrev, Director of Engineering at Google and Paul Dillinger, VP and Head of Global Product Innovation at Levi’s, moderated by Michael Ferraro, Executive Director at FIT. The trio discussed the future of fashion and technology and how innovation in these industries will only further through close collaboration…”

February 18, 2019

“Fashinnovation’s proposal is simple: a series of panel talks distributed along the day, with all fashion areas included in the technology subject. CEOs, independent designers, bloggers, tech startups, music producers, photographers, online retailers: no one’s contribution is left out, they are the fashinnovators….”