Summer Edition 2019

Susan Rockefeller

Artist, Activist & Founder, Musings

Carry Somers

Founder, Fashion Revolution

Brie & Nikki Bella

Founders, Birdiebee

Stephanie Benedetto

CO-Founder, Queen of Raw

Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel

CEO & CO-Founder, Arianee

Arnaldo Goldemberg

Founder & CEO, Digifair

Alexis Rai Hernandez

Director, African Fashion Fund

Elizabeth Segran

Staff Writer, Fast Company

Topper Luciani

Founder, Goodfair

Divya Demato

CEO & CO-Founder, Goodops

Emily Brickel Edelson

CO-Founder, Chic Sketch

Jaclynn Brennan

Founding Partner, Commercial Director, eStylar

Ricky Mendez

Implementational Speaker, Consultant, Sales Trainer

Emily Kate Symes

Founder, Ekoluv

Annabelle Azadé

Fashion Tech Journalist & Founder Wear The Future

Jacqueline Jenkins

Executive Director of Strategy Planning & Innovation FIT & Co-Author Textbook “Fashion Supply Chain Management”

Camille Jaillant

Founder, Olistic The Label

Nyha Shree

CO-Founder & COO, Jumper.Ai

Julia Daviy

3d Printed Fashion Designer

Erica Bernhard

Founder, Covalent

Paula Gartenkraut & Nana Cunha

Founders, The Private Apple

Keanan Duffty

Director, Parsons School of Fashion

Neil Hicks

Founder & Ceo Pandesco & FIT's Professor

Becca Mccharen-Tran

Founder, Chromat

Bill Wackermann

CEO, Wilhelmina Models

Marci Zaroff

Founder Metawear

Billie Whitehouse

CEO, Wearable X

Jessica Andrews

Deputy Fashion Director, Refinery29

Veronica Apsan

Founder, Fashion Aficionado

Dana Davis

VP of Sustainability, Product & Business Strategy, Mara Hoffman

Arianne Engelberg

Creative Director, The New Denim Project (TNDP)

Lisa Sun

Founder & CEO, Gravitas

Neil Brown

CEO, Amsale

Iliana Cogan

Founder, Wordscount & Kindness Atm

Karen Bhatia

Senior Vice President NYCEDC

Gigi Cobos

Operations Manager, Synzenbe

Yazan Malkosh

Founder & CEO, Swatchbook

Enid Hwang

Culture & Community Manager, Pinterest

Carolina Alvarez-Ossorio

Global Marketing & Communication Director, Ecoalf

Asia Hall

Ceo, Neon Cowboys

Alceo Rapagna

Global Strategy Officer & Ceo, Italy StartupBootcamp, Innoleaps & The Talent Institute

Corey Tollefson

SVP & General Manager for Retail, Infor

Mindy Scheier

Founder & President, Runway of Dreams Foundation

Tony Pinville

CO-Founder & CEO, Heuritech

Pinar Guvenc

Business Strategy Director, Open Style Lab

Constanza Mas

Founder, Constanza+Lab

Fern Mallis

The Godmother of Fashion

Michael Savarie

Sustainability Enterprise Catalyst, Hemp Black

Kimberly Barasch

Founder & CEO, Altress

Cassandra Napoli

Journalist WGSN Insight

Sasha Meneghel


Jean-Marc Bellaiche

Chief Strategy, Partnership & Marketing Officer, Contentsquare

Lilly Berelovich

President, Chief Innovation Officer, FS Fashion Snoops

Angela Luna

Founder & Creative Director, Adiff

Ryann Richardson

Tech Founder, Activist, & Miss Black America

Alexander Tschopp

Founder, Tailored Industry

Simla Sooboodoo

Founder & CEO, Hands On Journeys

Devin Gilmartin

CO-Founder, President & Creative Director, Querencia Studio

Richard Demato

COO & CO-Founder, Goodops

Patrick Duffy

Founder, Global Fashion Exchange (GFX)

Jason Naylor

Artist, Creative Director

Christina Mercadante

Group Account Director, Iprospect Us.

Robert Koenen

CMO, Boxed Water

Michael Denunzio

Chief Revenue Officer, Focalize Designer

Kimberly Berry

Founder & CEO, KBH Jewels

Alexia Bomtempo

Brazilian-American Singer

Felip Boyero Llompart

Executive Director Us, Room Mate Group

Massimo Volpe

Founder, Global Retail Alliance

Federico Brugnoli

CEO SPIN360 & Curator of Innovation Square By Lineapelle

Michael Ferraro

Executive Director, FIT/Infor Dtech Lab


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