Winter Edition 2019

Emily Brickel Edelson

CO-Founder, Chic Sketch

Jaclynn Brennan

Founding Partner, Commercial Director, eStylar

Constanza Mas

Founder, Constanza+Lab

Jason Naylor

Artist, Creative Director

Kohl Crecelius

CO-Founder & CEO, Known Supply & Krochet Kids

Ruth Degolia

CO-Founder & Executive Director, Mercado Global

Dominique Drakeford

Founder, Melaninass & CO-Creator, Sustainable Brooklyn

Alfredo Orobio

Founder & CEO, Awaytomars

Gus Bartholomew

CO-Founder, Supplycompass

Veronika Scott

Founder, The Empowerment Plan

Eno Polo

CEO North America, Havaianas

Carrie Ellen Phillips

Partner & Founder, BPCM

Sydney Sherman

CEO & CO-Founder, The Etho

Karina Mondini

Fashion Designer & Ambassador of DIGIFAIR365

Paul Dillinger

Vice President of Global Product Innovation, Levi Strauss & CO.

Dr. Ivan Poupyrev

Director of Engineering & Technical Project Lead, Google Inc.

Zack Hurley

CO-Founder & CEO, Indie Source

Céline Semaan

Founder, Slow Factory & CO-Founder, The Library Study Hall

Greg Reynolds

Executive Director, Skookum

Carolina Wang

CO-Founder, Eatgoodnyc

Imogen Evans

Founder, Imi by Imogen Evans

Yuli Ziv

Managing Director Usa, Launchmetrics

Adam J. Gam

Us Chief Marketing Officer, Perfect Corp

Jennie Baik

CO-Founder & CEO, Orchard Mile

Lilian Liu

Manager of Partnerships, United Nations (UN Global Compact)

Stephanie Siu Wau Kirtley

Usa Director, Ordre

Renata Black

CO-Founder, EBY

Nadya Rousseau

Founder & CEO, Alter New Media

Alana Tummino

Senior Director, AS/COA


Singer/Actor/ Philanthropist

Alexandra Dieck

Lexicon of Style

Matias Gath

CO-Founder & CEO, eStylar

Christian Oth


Giulio Bonazzi

Chairman & CEO, Aquafil Spa

Rafael Lourenço

EVP, Clearsale

Natasha Berg

Director of Communications, Oceanic Global Foundation

Gonzalo Pertile

Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, J. Crew

Ruben Ochoa

Head of Agency, Vice President, Disruptivagency

Laura Sky

Marketing Director, Runway Moda

John West

CEO, Scraffic

Nina Farran

Founder, Fashionkind

Cormac Kinney

Founder & CEO, Flont

Alek Safar

Founder & CEO, Mirowtech

Romi Faylo

Founder, F.F.P Textile Revolution

Robert Tankson

CO-Founder & COO, PrestoDoctor

Niki Srinivasa

Fashion Designer

Jazerai Allen-Lord

Creative Strategist, Crush & Lovely

David Meltzer

CEO & CO-Founder, Sports 1 Marketing

Michael Ferraro

Executive Director, FIT/Infor Dtech Lab

Ryan Leslie

CO-Founder & CEO, SuperPhone


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