Secteur 6 founder and CEO Amit have spent his lives creating conscious businesses in tech, CPG and real estate. Amit’s father, renowned agronomist Dr. I.S. Hooda, pioneered regenerative ways to grow food that have helped over 25000 farmers across the globe mainly in Africa, Asia and South America. Amit founded Heavenly Organics to promote regenerative agriculture and provide economic opportunities for families in conflict-torn regions. Secteur 6 is their newest platform for healing and change. The goal is simple: to create cutting edge fashion while implementing progressive, regenerative solutions that heal the earth and uplift workers. Working with design teams in New York and Paris, the Hoodas are bringing intelligent, and fresh design to radically conscious clothing, helping to transform a massive industry in a moment of global reckoning.

Amit is cofounder and CEO of WOJ . WOJ, creator of an innovative tech education framework developed by the award-winning educator Esther Wojcicki and conscious entrepreneur Amit Hooda. WOJ has partnered with UC Berkeley to offer a globally-recognized program for young innovators that will prepare them for top jobs in tech, building on WOJ’s existing efforts to upskill local workforces and build hubs of innovation — local Silicon Valleys — in fifteen countries including India, Jamaica, Indonesia, Vietnam, the UAE, and Mexico.