SynZenBe A Digital Trade Show Enabling Designers to Continue Sourcing Textiles Sustainably

SynZenBe: A Digital Trade Show Enabling Designers to Continue Sourcing Textiles Sustainably

After a very successful 1st trade show with the participation of more than 350 apparel brands, 30 industry experts, and the digitization of 10,000+ fabrics, SynZenBe is organizing their second edition of the SynZenBe Show. This digital event brings together textile suppliers, apparel brands, and sustainability experts for four days from January 19th to January 22nd, 2021.

The SynZenBe Show is a one week Digital Trade Show and Conference built on the underlying technology powered by, that enables brands and suppliers to connect in real time to strengthen existing and potential business opportunities. Brands will be able to schedule 1-1 appointments with suppliers, and Suppliers will have personalized showrooms with the ability to send swatch samples before their meetings as well as use the transactional technology to manage orders during the show. 

Registration to attend the SynZenBe Show is free, and will begin on Monday 11th January 2021.

A New Way of Sourcing Textiles

The SynZenBe Show addresses key pain points from 2020 head on and shares the vision of where 2021 will be headed. Through one-to-one video calls, new developments can be explored while strengthening existing partnerships, and all appointments can be easily managed directly on the platform. Over 50 data points are available for each featured material in addition to full supplier certification and data for transparency into exactly what is being sourced. The SZB platform also offers solutions to help members sell their liabilities through the new Auction Feature: suppliers can add their cancelled orders, deadstock, overstock materials while brands can bypass minimums to save these textiles from ending up in landfill.

SynZenBe Show | Announcement Fact Sheet

About SynZenBe

SynZenBe is the first end-to-end discovery and transactional platform for the textile industry, and offers the world’s leading fashion brands a sourcing tool that brings identity, reputation, and sustainability to the textile supply chain. Launched in 2018, with over 30 years of experience in textile sourcing, SynZenBe has built a network of both sourcing executives and independent designers looking for the latest materials on the market. The platform enables and drives efficiency throughout the supply chain by bringing sustainable fiber networks and mills online with better sourcing and end-to-end procurement management tools. SynZenBe unites and aligns the supply chain’s efforts with  unbeatable network  and  commerce  tools — providing forward  thinking  textile  mills  and  inverters  a streamlined  approach  to sourcing,  and  buyer  engagement  that  is  changing  the  way businesses connect and interact with the world. 

SynZenBe’s Mission

Synzenbe offers the world’s leading fashion brands, interior brands, and even medical markets, an end-to-end solution to source & purchase high quality materials from the world’s most reputable suppliers. Their mission is to bring identity, reputation, and sustainability to the textile supply chain and envision leaving our planet better for the next generations who follow us.

Connect with SynZenBe on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn! For press inquiries, please contact 

To learn more about SynZenBe, take a look our previous article!


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