Technology in Fashion - how to use it for good
Technology in Fashion - how to use it for good
Technology in Fashion - how to use it for good


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Technology in Fashion: how to use it for good

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Technology is a broad term that applies to many aspects of the fashion industry. From the designing and merchandising of textiles to marketing your fashion brand, technology is important. Here is some advice on how to use technology in fashion for good.

How Is Technology in Fashion Used?

There are lots of ways that technology is used for good in the fashion industry. Marketing and branding have been made much easier and more convenient, thanks to the technology of social media. By connecting directly with customers, fashion brands are better able to understand what their customers want.

Through technology, fashion products have also become much more accessible to customers. Since most brands now have a website, customers can browse a wider variety of options for clothing and accessories than would be available to them in a brick-and-mortar store. The checkout process has been made much easier, thanks to the elimination of lines and the mere act of a click to make a purchase.

3D Printing in Fashion

One big advancement in technology that is becoming a norm in fashion, is the use of 3D printing & digitalization. Instead of designing an entire outfit or accessory at once, a 3D printer can be used to create a prototype of an item of clothing, or even tools to help manufacture the final garment or accessory. This is one way that technology in fashion can be used for good, because it makes the process of designing a brand much easier, with less carbon footprint! 

3D printing is also a sustainable option for fashion designers. Those who choose to use a 3D printer to design clothing for their brand only print the amount of material that they need, reducing waste. Materials involved in 3D printing can also be reused and recycled when creating new designs.

Designer Apps

There are many fashion designer apps to choose from, thanks to the constantly increasing intersection between technology and fashion. Pinterest is a popular app used by designers, in which you can create mood boards based on various themes of your choosing. It is extremely helpful because it lets you curate your own experiences. Pinterest also allows you to save various images for reference. 

If you have a Mac, Sketch is an app that is currently increasing in popularity. It features several assistants that specialize in document structure, accessibility, and organization. However, it offers a free 30-day trial, after which a subscription is required. 

Apps such as Poshmark, Tradesy, ThredUp, and Mercari also allow you to sell old clothes that you no longer wear, or never bothered to try on. This is one way that technology in fashion can be used for good, as you can pass on your clothes to someone else, rather than throwing them away.

The Future of Technology in Fashion

There are several ways in which the future of technology in fashion is being explored. Radiofrequency identification, or RFID, technology is a method of digital cataloging that may be implemented in the future. Brands known for producing fast fashion, such as Macy’s and Zara, have used this technology in the past, and other brands such as Michael Kors have begun to use it as well. 

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is another one of many huge factors that will have a major impact on the fashion industry. This is something companies such as Google and Amazon have already begun experimenting with. 

This brand aims to change the fashion industry for good, by promoting the idea of using sustainable fabrics as well as clean energy and water. 

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