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The fashion industry, after having gone through a massive “shake down” alongside the rest of the world, is pivoting to innovate towards the “next normal”.

On NYFW – September 10th, 2020 – Fashinnovation will bring global leaders in fashion, technology as well as cross over industries to discuss upcoming industry trends & more…

Bringing the world together will give the lifeline & hope in which startups, fashion designers, entrepreneurs need to survive and the established to thrive!

See what happened in the 1st edition & get inspired!

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“Fashion Industry Leaders Gather Online To Discuss Adapting To COVID-19”
“Un summit online che coinvolgerà importanti personalità per discutere dell’approccio della moda e del suo futuro”
“Fashinnovation Conference Highlights Love, ‘Values’ As Paramount”
“Fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, designers and other industry leaders are finally reckoning with that.”
“Fashinnovation’s Worldwide Talks 2020: Fashion, Passion and Sustainability in a Coronavirus World”

3rd Worldwide Talks 2020


After pivoting online & a very successful 2 past editions, we are BACK in hosting our NYFW Summit – this time “online” as the 3rd “Worldwide Talks”!

International leaders in the fashion and technology industries as well as personas from various institutions will gather to discuss the “next normal” in fashion, foreseeable trends, sustainability, and much more…


The event will take place during NYFW on September 10th, 2020.

It will be online, “live” streamed in real time worldwide.

08:30 AM EST to 07:00 PM EST


A community of powerhouses, international business leaders, founders, entrepreneurs, fashion designers, innovators, influencers, artists, CEOs.

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