“We at Fashinnovation have
a strong culture of giving
back and social impact,
as we have demonstrated
since our first event back
in September 2018. In our
vision, giving is living…
entrepreneurship is here
to empower and inspire
others to grow.”

fashinnovation team


Fashinnovation was born with the main purpose of fostering positive transformation in the industry. Education is essential, innovation is what gives the right direction and action is what changes the world!

Fashinnovation Gives is a space dedicated to elevate institutions that we believe in and that are changing the world for good.

Learn about them, get inspired, and contribute to their mission to keep enriching lives!

Fashinnovation Gives: a dedicated space to elevate institutions
Fashinnovation Gives: a dedicated space to elevate institutions

Jordana Guimarães published book, “It Can Be You” is a project born from The Nylon Project and has the primary purpose of humanizing homelessness through giving them a voice. 30% of the book’s profits are donated to Help USA. But, we want to do more! We want to raise awareness towards these people’s reality.

HELP USA works to ensure that everyone has a place to call home. They provide shelter to meet people’s immediate needs, as well as the support they need to succeed for themselves, their families, and their communities.
Fashinnovation Gives: a dedicated space to elevate institutions

Our Founders and a huge part of our team are from Brazil. We wanted to keep true to our roots and to contribute to the people in our country. JCRÉ Facilitador was the key institution when it came to building Fashinnovation’s brand identity.

With unique talents from the Brazilian favelas, JCRÉ Facilitador is a social business that utilizes fashion, beauty and entrepreneurship as tools to transform lives.

To contribute, reach out to them on Instagram:

Fashinnovation Gives: a dedicated space to elevate institutions

At our inaugural event, in September 2018, the renowned artist Jason Naylor created a live painting which was converted into awareness and visibility to Open Style Lab. But, since our goal is always to contribute to the growth

of institutions that we admire and support, we’d like to keep bringing attention to the work of this nonprofit organization committed to making style accessible for everyone, regardless of their cognitive and physical abilities.

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Women supporting women. This is what the FGI Foundation is all about. Fashion Group International began in 1928 when 17 women, gathered by Edna Woolman Chase, Editor-in-Chief of VOGUE, met for lunch in a modest midtown New York restaurant. Among these women were Eleanor Roosevelt, Elizabeth Arden, Margaret Case and many other change makers.

One of their goals it to promote educational programs devoted to fashion and to the study of fashion related businesses through the creation and awarding of scholarships; establishment of internship programs and provision of career counseling services.

Fashinnovation Gives: a dedicated space to elevate institutions

For nearly two decades, Mercado Global has transformed the lives of Indigenous women and their families in Central America. They thoughtfully design fashion accessories in partnership with local artisans and world-renowned retailers – empowering the women who weave their

collections and inspiring the women who wear them. Together, they have worked to make the fashion world to be more ethical, sustainable, and just.

giving back

One-off actions do not make up Fashionnovation’s profile. We always want to contribute more, help more, enhance more and generate more awareness.

We want to grow and strengthen ourselves as the largest transformative community fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in the fashion industry. But, giving back is part of our DNA and company history and, now, we are making this official with Fashinnovation Gives.

Each institution here has been carefully chosen. Working with
different areas of social transformation, these reliable institutions bring positive change to the lives of as many people as possible. Open your heart and contribute!

Thank you!

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