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Advertising Services & Women Entrepreneurship With Adp.Ink

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Due to the sexist culture, it is already very difficult for a woman to establish herself in the industry. Standing out with your service or brand is no different, even more, when you’re just starting. After all, the display advertising industry often focuses on “big players.”

In addition, this situation creates difficulties for smaller players in the field. It means they would need equal standards as prominent players, which is not always possible.

This article will give you many insights into women’s entrepreneurship and advertising services. Keep reading!

Women Entrepreneurship in Numbers

Female Entrepreneurship Resource Point stated that between 8 million and 10 million small and medium-sized enterprises worldwide have at least one female owner. The World Bank makes the study. 

Despite the exciting number, according to a survey by Guidant Financial, only 22.4% of small business owners in the US are women. And according to the Small Business Trends survey results, 23.7% of women have owned their business for over ten years.

And not only that, but “while women start 30% of businesses, men account for the remaining 70%. This is more than a 2-to-1 ratio.” According to the “Gender, Age, and Small Business Financial Outcomes” report, “when women do start a business, they are typically smaller than the ones founded by men, with the report stating the difference persists over time.” 

A different study, same overview. Leading a new or small business is already difficult, and being among the minority is even more challenging.

Now that we have an overview of women’s entrepreneurship and how they are in the small business field, let’s move on to another topic: The display advertising industry and how platforms can work to help them. 

Advertising Services On Women’s Entrepreneurship

AdP.ink media is a platform for publishers and brands that gives advertising to monetize content and provide targeted audiences for advertisers. They are focused on filling that gap by providing professional advertising services for just a fraction of what other agencies charge and with better quality. 

“When you think of entrepreneurship, it associates with being independent, doing something your own, and your way, but it also associates with men,” Suzi Cao, Marketing Director at Adp.Ink. 

Adp.Ink wants to strike that. They are reaching millions of people daily and want to use this opportunity to showcase women’s projects and attract and empower even more women into the world of entrepreneurship. 

Small Brands & Content Creators in Advertising Services 

“We are happy to work with brands whose budgets are not in millions (…) and to provide a platform for growth”, said Suzi Cao.

Professional agencies considerably cost because their businesses depend on the client’s advertising budget. “This means that new brands that are limited in the budget have to do marketing on their own. This can be difficult and competitors with larger budgets do not sleep”, shared Suzi.

They believe that if you’re new or just starting, you should still be able to join the game. That’s why they lowered requirements for content monetization and professional advertising services. 

Adp.Ink Advertising Services & Prices 

Adp.Ink explains that most networks require content creators to have specific traffic volumes and a certain number of posts. Or even have a budget of $10k per week if they’re looking to promote something.

This is where the platform comes in – they have no specific traffic requirements for content creators. For advertisers, they have a minimum budget of $500 and they do everything for the client.

“At the moment, we have promotions that match the advertising budget between $1k-$5k, meaning if you put the advertising budget within that range, we will double it for you”, shared Suzi Cao.

Tips for Small Women Entrepreneurs by Adp.Ink

  • The first and most important tip is to have a correct mindset: Aim for success. There is no obstacle you can’t overcome, the only one who can stop you is you;
  • Don’t be afraid to have a loud voice and opinion;
  • Embrace challenges. They make you better;
  • Be the solution to a problem;

Fashinnovation Community

For the Fashinnovation audience, they will give $500 advertising with a minimum of $200 spent, where the total is $700. Check their website and learn more. 

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