Dauntless is a fashion label focused on creating basics with a purpose that are timeless, vegan and sustainable. Dauntless is a PETA certified-vegan brand.  They are a full-cycle sustainable and vegan fashion label. Dauntless was founded in 2016 because sustainable and vegan fashion was not understood or was marginalized. A conscious consumer has no access to honest information and there was no supply chain that could support a conscious brand. Dauntless employs only greater equality than is seen in practice, between women and men in business.  Dauntless employs only women, and mothers heads of households to provide opportunities for them and reduce the gender gap to build an equitable future. The founder has a mindset that success has no gender.  Dauntless is women-led and women-run. They provide consumers the opportunity to buy stylish and contemporary pieces with purpose. They are small and new, but they aspire to change the mindset of an ever-growing marketplace of people who want to purchase fashion responsibly and make a positive impact. 

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