Hidden Underwear

Hidden Innovations offers innovative products to aid children and adults suffering from incontinence, constipation, or any other bathroom-related complications. Hidden Underwear was designed with discretion in mind, made especially for children with incontinence problems.  Their first product is an adaptable underwear, washable and reusable, with secret pouches sewn into the inside of the waistband.

These pockets allow the consumer to discreetly carry a variety of supplies such as liners, compact catheters, spare undies and wipes. One of the pockets converts into a small pouch to carry the soiled underwear. This same pocket is made with a water-resistant material to prevent any leaking. Overall, this product has been a blessing in disguise for Bella and has been a key component in navigating her condition.  As she grows with the product, they have realized a need to create more inclusive products to help those dealing with medical conditions that present complications in everyday life. In response, they have more discreet apparel for young adults on the way, such as new underwear and hoodies. 

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