Pantys is the leading femtech fashion brand in health and sustainability. As a certified B Corporation, Pantys is always looking to maximize environmental impact, and they were the first lingerie brand to launch carbon labels, making their entire product portfolio 100% carbon neutral. Transforming the market through reusable innovations for menstruation, maternity and incontinence, Pantys delivers the best in design, fashion, and functionality with the only clinically approved liner technology worldwide. 

As pioneers in the menstrual underwear category, they have developed the largest portfolio of products that eliminate the need for single-use and disposable hygiene products including the first absorbent leak-proof nursing bra globally; trans boxers for men who menstruate; absorbent swimwear and activewear; “value” products for pharmacy channels; and an incontinence line with the highest reusable absorption (100mL) of any apparel available in the global market. Pantys innovates through unique omnichannel and retail experiences including branded flagship stores and a global network of resellers in Brazil and Europe, including Selfridges and Galeries Lafayette. 

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