Building a Helth Communication: How Rapport Can Help Your Business
Building a Helth Communication: How Rapport Can Help Your Business
Building a Helth Communication: How Rapport Can Help Your Business


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Building a Helth Communication: How Rapport Can Help Your Business

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Have you ever heard about Rapport?

It is a relationship-approaching strategy characterized by agreement, mutual understanding, or empathy that makes communication possible or easy

In fact, this concept opens up insights into several areas, which you can use in your work to improve communication and relationships in the company. After all, interpersonal relationships at work are an essential aspect.

Using Rapport to invest in good relationships helps productivity and improves the company’s results. In this way, you can create an empathetic connection with another person so that they communicate with less resistance.

Why Invest in a Helth Communication in the Workplace?

Excellent communication in the work environment prevents the misinterpretation of information. Also, improving communication in the work environment helps propose solutions, expose ideas, explain strategies and make agreements clearly and objectively.

And that’s not all. If you invest in the quality of your team’s communication, creative thinking can be more present and the ability to be open to change as well.

In that way, you can use and encourage Rapport in your team and build trust. According to Christina Hillsberg, without it, your colleagues might be hesitant to back your ideas and support you.

She completes: “Trust — or lack of it — can mean the difference between accomplishing your goals and falling short.”

Rapport and Sales

Rapport can be applicable in sales as well. Before starting a sales proposal, it is essential to build a relationship. In this way, your client can process the information you are trying to sell so much better.

After all, sales are not just sales. You have to be able to create stable connections and then sell a product, service, or idea. Therefore, you not only build bonds but also trust.

Mike Schultz, the President of RAIN Group, explains it:

“People want to buy from people they know, like, and trust. The way to earn that status is to focus on building and maintaining relationships and not only on the transactional nature of closing a deal”.

Despite this, you need to know how you interact with each other in this business environment. Try to create strong bonds, but without extrapolating the personal life side. After all, you will have to be serious about presenting data, numbers and indicators.

Now that you know what Rapport means, check some tips to follow this relationship technique!

Rapport Techniques

Make a Good First Impression

A first impression is only made once, right? Therefore, it must be seen with good eyes. In this way, good opportunities can appear. After all, your appearance should help you connect with people, not create a barrier, as said by the MindTools website.

Eye Contact Is Key

One of the most natural ways to show interest in your customer is maintaining eye contact with them. By looking the person in the eye, you indicate your interest in what they are saying. Also, you don’t leave room for the person to feel devalued.

Mirroring & Matching

The mirroring technique is about acting as the person acts. So, while mirroring is a precise reflection, matching is a more general image of the other person. In general, you can replicate the posture, facial expressions and body language, gestures and tone of voice of someone to create empathy.

What If It is a Phone Talk?

If you are not seeing the person, it is still possible to use rapport techniques. It’s important that the phone conversation with your client flows naturally. Be friendly throughout the dialogue, and always maintain professionalism.

Make Compliments

You can offer your client a few sincere compliments whenever is possible. But be careful: don’t give generic compliments. There is a difference between a superficial one and a more honest and sincere compliment.

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