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Fashion, Art & Entertainment: Discover M.A.D. Collective in Canada

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Groupe Sensation Mode has been a leader in fashion, arts and entertainment in Quebec for 23 years. It has become M.A.D., which produces and designs experiential events in Canada and abroad. Various initiatives enjoy unprecedented influence and success in North America.

M.A.D. stands for mode, art et divertissement, and will pursue its mission of creating innovative urban content, events and experiences. It surely does not hesitate to rethink traditional codes and ways of doing things. The notion of collective illustrates a way of working, collaborating and creating.

“We are particularly pleased to announce this important step in our history. M.A.D. Collectif is a true fashion, arts and entertainment hub, and we are proud to mobilize the cultural community as well as our public partners and the business world who believe in our innovative vision” said Jean-François Daviau, President at M.A.D. Collective.

With that in mind and when aligned with culture, initiatives that aim to bring entertainment and art to people are crucial for the development of a society.

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How Can Fashion Change The City

Fashion can occupy a significant space in the culture. This is related to how much it offers the individual the possibility of expressing traits of his identity, culture and style.

The city is a space for creation, production and cultural diffusion.  Urban life can be transformative and extremely interesting in different ways. In this case, let’s analyze the relationship between fashion and culture.

We already know that fashion goes beyond the basic need to cover and protect the body. It is a form of expression that explores the visual world and individual and collective identity.

Not only that, fashion has the ability to change and give meaning to life thanks to the personal connection it has with all of us. This relationship has the power to transform not only a community or a group of people but the city itself. 

That is why M.A.D. Collectif will offer a range of services to the Quebec business community. Indeed, local businesses will be able to benefit from the expertise of M.A.D. Collective for the organization of event experiences, the creation of innovative installations as well as the production of tailor-made content.

“M.A.D. Collectif is at the heart of Montreal’s development by anchoring culture and fashion in our communities. It contributes to shaping the identity of our metropolis as a creative, artistic and fashion city. Long live M.A.D. Collective!”

– Valérie Plante, Mayor of Montreal. 

What Is The Relation To Festival Mode + Design?

Festival Mode + Design becomes the M.A.D Festival and pursues its mission while remaining the flagship event of the collective.

Offering more than a hundred participating creators, M.A.D. was a resounding success last summer when it managed to attract hundreds of thousands of visitors, 20% of whom are tourists or day trippers.

The M.A.D Festival proves more than ever its relevance and impact in the ecosystem of fashion and Quebec culture and continues to grow in view of its 25th anniversary in 2025.

M.A.D. Shoppe

Last January, Groupe Sensation Mode announced the creation of a convergent digital strategy to support the growth of Quebec’s fashion and design industry in the presence of the Minister of Economy, Innovation and Energy, Peter Fitzgibbon.

Through the initiative, named M.A.D. Shopp, the mission is to add an integrated online experience to events. It allows you to live, discover and buy mainly fashion and design products imagined in Quebec all year round.

M.A.D. Shoppe, the fashion, arts and entertainment boutique, supports local designers by offering dozens of local fashion items. It also plans to launch physical pop-up stores around downtown Montreal throughout the next few years. The first one was launched on November 24 at Place Ville Marie and will be open until January 20th 2023.

To Sum Up

M.A.D. Collectif asserts itself as a creative laboratory allowing the production of content centered on self-expression as well as festivals and innovative urban experiences.

In this way, the initiative is a tool to move the economy, encourage the city’s culture, present artistic interventions and much more. 

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