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Met Gala 2024
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Sleeping Beauties: Discover the theme of the Met Gala 2024

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Announced on November 8th, the Met Gala 2024, renowned as one of the foremost events in the fashion universe, has unveiled its theme for the upcoming year: “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion.” Are you eager to explore more about the theme, Met Gala looks, and how the event unfolds next year? Continue reading!

But after all, why ‘Sleeping Beauties’? 

No, this is not related to people who love to sleep but rather to garments that have been stored for years and cannot be worn again due to their extreme fragility. However, they will ‘awaken’ for the Met Gala 2024.

Wondering about the Met Gala 2024 dress code? Drawing inspiration from the classic fairy tale of “Sleeping Beauty,” the expectation is that guests will be inspired by these archive creations, with reinterpretations that are “never before seen.” In this regard, sustainable, technologically advanced, and nature- and craftsmanship-focused productions are anticipated.

“When garments enter The Met collection, they can no longer be worn on the human body. So how can we understand the movement and energy of these masterpieces of fashion?” says the caption of the theme announcement video.

We’re talking about items such as a 17th-century Elizabethan English bodice, as well as many pieces from fashion ‘titans’ like Elsa Schiaparelli, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, Hubert de Givenchy, and other acclaimed figures for decades. 

Additionally, prominent contemporary names like Stella McCartney and Phillip Lim will also have pieces on display. 

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian Met Gala 2024
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When is the Met Gala 2024?

The event takes place on May 6th at the MET. The hosts for next year have not been announced yet. The Met Gala 2024, organized and chaired by Anna Wintour since 1995, not only raises funds for the Costume Institute but has also become an annual celebration of fashion.

The Costume Institute exhibition, a branch of the museum where the funds are raised, will take place from May 10th to September 22nd, 2024. Approximately 250 items from the institute’s permanent collection will be on display, including pieces never before seen by the public. Four hundred years of fashion history will be showcased.

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How will the exhibition work?

Andrew Bolton, the curator in charge of the Costume Institute, has announced that the exhibition will be divided into three main zones: Earth, Sea, and Sky. This structure aims to trace the evolution of attitudes towards the natural world, highlighting craftsmanship and the manipulation of natural materials in clothing creation. In an interview, he explained, “It’s a tribute to the nature and emotional poetry of fashion.”

According to the information released, many of the older works will be displayed alongside contemporary pieces, as they have served as inspiration for many designers. The exhibition will incorporate elements such as artificial intelligence, light and sound projections, and other forms of sensory stimulation, creating a unique and immersive context for each piece.

Blake Lively Met Gala 2024
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What is the Met Gala?

Organized and chaired by Anna Wintour since 1995, the MET Gala has evolved into a beloved annual celebration of fashion. It serves as a charity event that raises funds for the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Traditionally, the Gala is scheduled to coincide with the opening of its annual fashion exhibition. Year after year, the event successfully raises eight-figure sums in charitable contributions.

What happens at the Met Gala 2024?

In summary, it’s a secret. For this reason, guests are required to adhere to a no-phone policy (and, consequently, refrain from using social media). We can only see the photos that come from the guests on the Met Gala red carpet, released by the media. 

Nevertheless, exclusive photos from inside the MET Gala emerged during media coverage. In 2021, Kendall Jenner also provided a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the MET Gala through her camera.

Met Gala 2024
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*Written by Mariana Melo
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