8:00am to 9:00am –
Registration / Stands Activations of Innovative Companies

08:30AM – 09:15AM

All guests will be issued with the event passes.

09:15AM to 09:30AM

Marcelo & Jordana Guimarães, Founders of Fashinnovation

9:30 To 10

Advanced Technologies & Fashion: Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Connecting with Brands

10 To 10:25

Sustainable Tech Generation: new trends, new materials, new habits, new consumers

10:25 To 11:00

Branding is a “lifestyle”: Breaking the rules of accessories with innovation

11:00 To 11:30 Network Coffee BREAK

11:30 To 12:00

Fashion, Design or Performance? “I want all of these in ONE”! Using NASA inspired technology to ensure maximum usage of everyday wear

12:00 To 12:30

E-commerce, Direct To Consumer and innovative sales models. The battle between online and offline – how they are finally joining forces

12:30 To 1:00

Artists, Creatives, Designers, Influencers. The Power of Communities and Social Media in inspiring Fashion Brands

1:00 To 2:10 -

2:10 to 2:30

Entrepreneurial Journey & “Where Fashion + Technology Connect”

2:30 to 3:00

Women Entrepreneurs & How They Are Changing The World Through Innovation

3:00 To 3:15

Creating a Winning Elevator Pitch

3:15 to 3:45

Creating a Winning Elevator Pitch + Demos Fashion Tech

3:45 To 4:10
Network Coffee BREAK

4:10 To 4:35

Style Is Universal – “How Fashion & Technology Connect to Empower All of Us”

4:35 To 5:05

Sending a positive message: How Brands are working on empowering the person and not their image

5:05 To 5:30

“I’m traveling to space… What outfit should I wear?” – How NASA is using innovative technology to assist the fashion industry and how fashion is influencing NASA

5:30 To 6:00

6 PM

Final Remarks & performance

7:30 To 10:30