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Everything You Must Know About Fashion Trends  

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Have you ever wondered how specialists predict which fashion trend will be hot in the next season? This article will explain everything to you!

Yann Menard is the Managing Director of Mode Information, a company that is one of the trend information top suppliers for fashion, textile, Interior and consumer lifestyle products worldwide.

He says that the biggest and most important aspect of getting the fashion trend is that products will sell far better. “If I am not in trend with my collection, consumers will have doubt about buying the products as they will not reflect what they sense as a trend”, affirms Yann Menard. 

Fashion Trend Watchers

Mode Information has a team of specialists all around the world in different fashion capitals to consolidate their analyses and present the economic, social, political, and cultural aspects. They make developments that will influence the consumer’s environments, products and way of working. 

From these, the macro trend directions are set and translated to individual reports which are targeted to specific consumer groups.

Yann Menard explains that they also translate the reports to direct usable knowledge for all different types of products in fashion for womenswear, menswear, sportswear, activewear, childrenswear and accessories.

According to him, “such reports are not only created for fashion but also for general lifestyle products and interior design.”

Fashion Trends & Sustainability 

Fashion brands – as well as companies from other industries – will have to take into account that they can no longer continue the way they are working today. Companies need to re-think complete their form of producing fashion.

It goes from the primary materials they are using to the places the companies are producing. Yann Menard says that “not only using sustainable materials but also creating these from recycled materials, use less water, use no chemicals and more.”

But we must be aware that trends are fast fashion’s main ally. With over 12 collections per year, fast fashion brands aim to get the newest styles on the market as fast as possible. Most of the time, these pieces end up in landfills or are incinerated.

According to Earth.org, while clothing production has doubled, garment usage lifetime has decreased. So, people are buying more and using these pieces for a shorter time. Also, fast fashion emits double CO2 compared to aviation and shipping combined. 

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One of the most important steps to raise awareness about sustainability is to give people information. If more companies follow this rack and communicate it well, more consumers will want to shop consciously.

After all, fast fashion only exists because people want to follow all fashion trends, which change quickly. In this way, Shein, Boohoo and Fashion Nova help transform people’s mindset to purchase more by following these trends.

That’s why the industry must be aware of the overproduction impact on the environment. Trends are essential for a brand or designer, but sustainability should be as well.

Yann Menard addresses: “Not to forget that the biggest role in such a process will have to come from the governments of all countries in the world.”

Fashion Trends For A Designer’s Creation

Trends influence not only the creation but also the sales of the products. Designers can gain information on the next trend in many different ways. It goes from Pantone and WGSN reports to specialized services such as the ones Mode Information has in their range.

Yann Menard shares that designers can also gain inspiration from travel, cultural events, visiting specialized and trade fairs, and tracking and analyzing what is already in the stores. And also what happens on the runways of the top designers in Paris, London, Milan and New York.

These many other sources will give them a clear picture of what direction and strategy for a brand they need to set.

Clients & Brands

Mode Information clients have different channels from which they can buy information. Their offices are in Germany, UK, Paris and Antwerp. The company also works with many partner agents worldwide and represents the reports brands via online memberships, print subscriptions, or combinations of digital and print.


Every year Pantone picks the color that will be trending worldwide since 2000. Today, many designers look forward to the moment when they announce the color of the year, which usually occurs in early December.

Mode Information has worked together with Pantone since they started the Fashion, Home & Interior color system. The master distributor of Pantone takes care of clients worldwide by implementing a color management procedure that continuously produces products. They select the right colors and reproduce them on all cans of multi-material again and again.


For magazines, the reports are purchased mainly by the designers, stylists, buyers, and product developers in the different types of companies ranging from fashion accessories, Interior design, consumer products and more.  

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Júlia Dara, Júlia Vilaça

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