Fashion Designers - Learn How To Break All The Rules And Rock Your Work
Fashion Designers - Learn How To Break All The Rules And Rock Your Work
Fashion Designers - Learn How To Break All The Rules And Rock Your Work


Tips for emerging designers

Fashion Designers: Learn How To Break All The Rules And Rock Your Work

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The new generation of fashion designers is graduating with different and plural values. They come out of school seeking for alternatives to solve the industry’s issues. Their creations involve sustainability, innovation and technology from the beginning of their concept. These new professionals are showing that the new upcoming wave has a lot to contribute to the industry.

Young and recently graduate fashion designers commonly have to deal with a lot of difficulties such as finding resources to invest in their work. But the industry is seeking for innovative creations, with concepts and ideas never seen before. 

To start a business, there’s no math equation that will lead fashion designers and entrepreneurs directly to success. But, with some tips and baby steps, it’s possible to find a dreaming shining spot in the industry. 

3 Golden Tips for Designers to Take from Their Business

We know that opening a business is everything but easy. It demands courage, but also hard work and persistence. Even so, there are a few tips that can help you to start your brand on the right foot.

1. Don’t be more of the same – The industry is already full of amazing ideas. The key to outstanding is to be unique and be yourself. That may sound clichê, but it is the most honest advice. Put passion, creativity and personality in your work, because this is what will make you thrive. Don’t be afraid of being yourself and expressing it in your creations. It’s important to think about what your future customers want, but it’s essential to offer a unique, exclusive and incredible version of it. 

2. Don’t leave your values behind – Gladly, the upcoming generation of fashion designers are really keen to change the industry. Therefore, sustainability and representativeness already run in their veins. So, don’t leave values like those behind and focus exclusively on commercial goals. Customers are showing that they want eco-friendly, stylish and creative products. So use it to your advantage – and to the planet. 

3. Find a trusting platform to be your alignment –  New fashion designers often struggle to find a place to showcase and sell their designs. That’s why Mouhannad Al-Sayegh founded Flair, an online showcasing platform and marketplace for the new generations of creators and emerging brands. 

Empowering New Fashion Designers With Flair

Developed using cutting edge technologies and augmented reality, Flair helps to connect designers and brands who are beginning their career and business, with the industry. The marketplace showcases their creative concept making use of storytelling. 

According to Mouhannad Al-Sayegh, the idealizer of Flair and manager of the Digital Learning Lag at London College of Fashion, the platform was designed to give a voice to the next generation of fashion designers. With it, it’s possible to “democratize fashion and help new designers to take off”, he states. 

How Can New Designers Work With Flair?

Flair was created to be used as a tool, giving brands the flexibility to tell their story and create unique virtual experiences while exploring new media. Therefore, it operates not only as a marketplace but also as a valuable source of information for the consumers. 

Furthermore, Flair also helps to connect the designers to the wider industry through an ecosystem of services within the supply chain – helping them to find fairer practices, scale production and reduce cost. With the platform, designers can create a partnership with suppliers, search in their network and find other tools that will help them to improve their brand and designs. It also offers educational material to assist them in becoming digital.

If you’re opening a business or aiming to, find out everything you need to know before starting it.




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