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Get Ready for Dragão Fashion Brasil

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The 22nd edition of the biggest gathering of authorial fashion in Latin America is about to happen. Dragão Fashion Brasil (DBF) will take place from May 25 to 28, at Iracema Beach in Fortaleza, Brazil. Fashinnovation will be present to take part in the outstanding discussions about the fashion world and everything that surrounds it

The idea is to build an environment with the appeal of different areas to bring about learning and exchanges. This will be done in the format of debates and workshops about diverse topics in partnership with several local associations. You can expect to listen and talk about fashion, sustainability, creativity, culture and entrepreneurship.

The festival will count on different venues to showcase the freshness and diversity of the city. Some examples are the newly-opened “Museum of the Image and Sound of Ceará” (MIS), as well as the remarkable Tabajaras St. at the Iracema Beach. Apart from that, DBF will have its main stage placed on the sand of the beach, matching the traditional and festive sides of the city. 

Since the event was created in 1999, it has gone through changes and innovations to rebuild spaces and the fashion industry. Now, after two years of a global pandemic, DFB is going back to where the festival was born with more forward-thinking looks and debates. This year, the festival is expecting to gather 32 thousand people throughout the four days of the event, which is 100% free. 

With innovative and out-of-the-box insights, DBF promises to shake the grounds of Brazil and the globe. The all-around presence will be massive. The festival is looking forward to showing the beauty and talents of designers and brands that are part of the Brazilian culture. 

This Year’s Theme Is “Take Over Your Space”

The bottom of the discussion will revolve around representing Brazil in its different horizons and perspectives. The creator of the festival, Cláudio Silveira, is looking for a 360° portrayal of the Brazilian culture in this edition. “In 2022, Dragão Fashion Brasil comes back with its natural calling: bringing together different skills around concepts like innovation and creativity”, says Cláudio Silveira.

After many obstacles brought by the global pandemic to the fashion industry, it is essential for the city to celebrate the title of “Creative City of Design”, given by Unesco to Fortaleza in 2019. Because of that, the main idea is to take over the city in the most plural and creative ways possible. And always amplifying points of views to an intersecting world. 

DBF is the only event that highlights the authorial fashion in Brazil with a broad consideration of different industries. It is about social impact, diversity, conviction and all forms of art. It means that it is more than just a fashion festival. This essence is the main inspiration for this year’s theme, which will shake and shape the streets of Fortaleza in the next few days. 

What to Expect From the Debates and Talents at BDF

Dragão Fashion Brasil Festival is one of the most relevant and versatile events in Latin America. You can expect a lot of diversity not only in the names present but also in the participating areas. The plan is to gather Art in its different formats with culture and entrepreneurship. 

You can have your eyes and ears open to learn about creativity, writing, gastronomy, tourism,  entrepreneurship and even finance. “DFB is a festival that movements the whole city, and all the actions surrounding it are based on forward-thinking”, confirms Cláudio Silveira. And, of course, fashion is what wraps it all together and is put in the discussion to boost everyone’s passions. 

There is also encouragement for new and young talents to showcase their skills and update the fashion industry. Because of that, DFB is a stage for deliberate authorial fashion, culture, and overall development for the country. Such as supporting the textile and apparel industry in Ceará. And this year, it will be presented a space to hold the project of Ceará Fashion Trade, the biggest business and fashion fair in Ceará.

The Line-up for Authenticity

The audience will notice the different areas of performance and discussion at DFB. The agenda is filled with runway shows, as well as workshops and talks about all sorts of industries. 

The opening night will put together the “Avant-première DFB Festival 2022”. It is a runaway show for special guests of fashion from Ceará. The first day starts with talks about fashion, entrepreneurship and digital marketing, and even local food workshops! It will be showcasing the work of designers and brands like Manuel Bessa, Sherida, Rio de Jas and Almerinda Maria.

The second and the third day will count with discussions about jewelry – with Alice Floriano and Nathalia Canamary. Also, Brazilian fashion and sustainability, technology and trends, as well as creative writing. These days will present names and brands such as Bruno Olly, Lindebergue, Theresa Montenegro and Olê Rendeiras by Catarina Mina & QAIR Brasil.

The fourth and last day will keep up with the topics of sustainability and fashion. Also, it will bring to the central ideas of inclusivity. The runaways to close the festival include Sau Swim, Rendá, Marina Bitu and Senac Richelieu by Ivanildo Nunes. 

All four days of the event will have live concerts. As well as food workshops about the typical dishes from the Northeast of Brazil. You can check the full agenda on DFB’s website.

Fashinnovation Is on!

With the idea of bringing the world of innovation to talk over the challenges that the fashion industry goes through, Fashinnovation will come out to confirm that change is the future. In partnership with DFB, we are always supporting and hoping for new angles to discuss fashion worldwide, so the idea of discerning the fashion industry is closer and closer to us. 

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