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Machine Learning Making Fashion More Sustainable and Strong

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The threat of global warming has been clear for years. But, in the last decade, it has become the key issue people have been discussing as they look to make their production more eco-friendly and sustainable. With fast fashion being the norm, the fashion industry has become one of the most polluting ones. More and more companies are dealing with the fallout and the difficulty of correcting the issue.

One way to do this is to use artificial intelligence and the machine learning. It provides to make the processes better leading to increased clothing utilization and better sustainability.

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The Virtual Fitting Room with Machine Learning

One main issue with the fashion industry is the number of returns from customers. Using machine learning an AI can offer virtual fittings for clothing. It alows them to try clothing based on a database of body measurements to get a view of how the overall item looks.

Machine Learning Virtual

This means that you save on the environmental impact of online shopping with people buying and returning which includes a large amount of shipping. It also means customers are likely to be able to buy the right size and reduce their own fashion waste as well as yours.

Increased Clothing Customisation

“It’s a common joke that women’s clothing is sized by a magic 8 ball and that ‘average’ is never the average size,” jokes Daniel Cowart a marketing blogger at PhD Kingdom and Nextcoursework. Machine learning means that if you can get real body measurements of your customers, then you can begin to create a real average and make more realistic clothing sizes for a variety of body shapes.

Prediction to Avoid Stockpiling

Machine learning is all about mathematics and predicting trends. This is a key tool of value to the fashion industry.

A major issue is a false prediction of clothing being popular leading to stockpiles of clothing that isn’t sold. An AI can take data to predict shopping trends to help you make realistic predictions. In addition, you could even set it up to warn you when more clothing of a style may need to be reproduced as stocks are getting low.

Pushing Used Clothing

For years, there has been this elitism about thrifting and buying used clothing. However, this is slowly being broken down by vintage clothing. And also, the recent embrace of second-hand clothing by the younger generations. “If you can get a way to more reliably price and personalize the sales experience of the used market you will find that people will start to buy second-hand readily,” says business writer Melony Haag, Originwritings and Britstudent.

Use machine learning to work on accurately sizing second-hand products and working out a pricing model that works for both you and the customer. You can even offer styling services to make this more appealing as a bundle offer.

Sustainable Supply Chains

The big thing about sustainability is ensuring that your supply chains are sustainable. In fact, we are seeing an increase in companies choosing to undergo third-party environmental compliance audits to ensure their suppliers comply with environmental regulations.

Machine Learning Sustainability

AI and machine learning provide you with tools to search the internet and other data sources for the company suppliers and analyze them for their sustainability practices. As an added bonus, it can also check anti-corruption and ethical labor practices as well.

A Warning About Greenwashing

The fashion industry is very prone to greenwashing and leading its customers to believe that the company cares for the environment. This tends to come through in flagrant self-promotion tactics and marketing jargon that leaves customers unable to tell the truth behind the claims.

We know from the data that the industry is still a massive polluter. With that in mind, all these messages cannot be completely true for every company. Back up your claims by using these tools to try and give feasible KPIs and milestones for progress towards becoming a greener company.

Final Thoughts on Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are fantastic tools that are easily accessible and worth considering implementing as a fashion company. Before you argue about the costs of running these processes and the energy effect, it’s worth considering the fact you could also switch to a green energy provider. You can make it even more sustainable.

There is a mountain of data just at your fingertips that a human would struggle to analyze. But machine learning is just waiting to process for you.

From making the customer experience better with better fits and reducing the stockpiling, that occurs to starting your own used clothing line and checking the sustainability of your suppliers. To sum up, there are many ways you can improve yourself as a company.

Finally, it gives you a way to back up any claims you are making. And, at the end of the day, it is the right thing to do for the planet. After all, it is important to remember that without it, there’s no need for a fashion industry.

Written by George J. Newton, Academic Brits.

Editor’s Note: The opinions expressed here by Fashinnovation’s columnists are their own, not those of Fashinnovation.

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