February 5th, 2020


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Livia Firth

Co-Founder & Creative Director , Eco-Age

Sandra Campos

CEO, Diane Von Furstenberg

Burak Cakmak

Dean, School of Fashion, Parsons

Cassandra Napoli

Editor, WGSN Insight

Elsbeth Blekkenhorst-Tammes

Founder, Elisabietta Shoes

Jeff Tweedy

Co-Founder & President, Sean John

Kimberly Conrad

Founder, FILORO Cashmere

Alexandra Finkel

Director of Talent Acquisition & Inclusion, Bustle Digital Group

Marie Driscoll

Managing Director, Luxury & Fashion, Coresight Research

Michael Savarie

Sustainability Enterprise Catalyst, Hemp Black

Pepita Marín

Co-Founder & CEO , We Are Knitters

Shannon Ashford

Founder, Tom Foolery

Stephanie Cartin

Co-Founder & CEO, Socialfly

Amanda Gomes

Co-Founder, Satya Beachwear

Ricky Mendez

Implementational Speaker, Consultant

Diane Palmquist

Diane Palmquist

CPO, Stibo Systems

Lauren Kucerak

Lauren Kucerak

Founder & CEO, Kucerak + Co.

McGregor Madden

Co-Founder, Hall Madden

Tyler McCall

Editor In Chief, Fashionista.com

Sarah Davis

Founder & President, Fashionphile

Pandora Amoratis

US Style Director, Daily Mail

Larry Milstein

GEN Z Entrepreneur & Founder, PRZM

Thania Peck

Blogger & Founder, CATCHER In The Style

Matt Scanlan

Co-Founder & CEO of NAADAM, CEO of Thakoon & Something Navy

Lucie Brigham

Chief of Office for Partnerships, United Nations

Kimberly Berry Haisch

Founder & CEO, KBH Jewels

Tanya Taylor

CEO & Creative Director, Tanya Taylor

Mikhail Damiani

Co-Founder & CEO, Blue Bite

Ariane Goldman

Founder & CEO, HATCH

Amanda Cosco

Founder, Electric Runway

Coco Rocha

Super Model & Entrepreneur

Mark Bozek

Founder & Filmmaker, Live Rocket

Simon Collins

Founder & CEO, WeDesign.org

Arielle Charnas

Founder, Something Navy

Abby Kalicka

Fashion Content Director & Consultant

Stephanie Benedetto

Co-Founder & CEO, Queen of Raw

Jason Robinson

Director of Marketing, UPS

Michelle Lee

Head of Americas, The Woolmark Company

Alexia Bomtempo

Brazilian-American Singer


Where: Bohemian National Hall - 321 East 73rd Street - New York, NY 10021

When: 09:00 AM to 07:30 PM - Feb 5th

09:00 AM - Check in Registration

09:45 AM - Welcome Remarks “FASHION Is Unsustainable”

– Simon Collins: Founder & CEO, WeDesign.org

10:00 AM - “FASHION Is Influencing towards Entrepreneurship”

– Arielle Charnas: Founder, Something Navy
– Matt Scanlan: Co-Founder & CEO of NAADAM, CEO of Thakoon & Something Navy

10:20 AM - “FASHION Is Inclusivity”

– Tanya Taylor: CEO & Creative Director, Tanya Taylor
– Tyler McCall: Editor In Chief, Fashionista.com (M)

10:40 AM - “FASHION Is Sustainability & Creating Impact”

– Thania Peck: Blogger & Founder, Catcher In The Style
– Amanda Gomes: Co-Founder, Satya Beachwear
– Kimberly Berry Haisch: Founder & CEO, KBH Jewels
– Lucie Brigham: Chief of Office for Partnerships, United Nations (Conscious Fashion Campaign) – (M)

11:30 AM - “FASHION Is Debunking Myths”

– Livia Firth: Founder & Creative Director, EcoAge
– Stephanie Benedetto: Co-Founder & CEO, Queen of Raw
– Michelle Lee: Head of Americas, The Woolmark Company

12:00 PM - “FASHION Is the Connectivity Between Brands & Consumers"

– Mikhail Damiani: Co-Founder & CEO, Blue Bite
– Amanda Cosco: Founder Electric Runway (M)

12:25 PM - “FASHION Is Conversion of Energy”

– Ricky Mendez: Implementational Speaker, Consultant

12:40 PM - “FASHION Is Entrepreneurship via Inspiration”

– Pepita Marin: Co-Founder & CEO, We Are Knitters & Endeavor Entrepreneur
– Ricky Mendez: Implementational Speaker, Consultant (Entrepreneur.com) (M)

12:55 PM to 1:45 PM: Lunch Networking - Offered By Simply Good Jars

1:45 PM - “FASHION Is Innovating for the Next Gen”

– Larry Milstein: Gen Z Entrepreneur & Co-Founder, PRZM
– Pandora Amoratis: USA Style Director, Daily Mail (M)

2:00 PM - “FASHION Is Logistics via Sustainable Practices"

– Jason Robinson: Director of Marketing, UPS
– Lauren Kucerak: Founder & CEO, Kucerak + Co. (M)

2:25 PM - “FASHION Is Conscious Luxury via Tech + Design”

– Burak Cakmak: Dean of Fashion, Parsons School
– Sarah Davis: Founder & President, FASHIONPHILE
– Kimberly Conrad: Founder, Filoro Cashmere
– Marie Driscoll: Managing Director of Luxury & Fashion, Coresight Research (M)

3:15 PM - “FASHION Is Empowerment of Women”

– Sandra Campos: CEO, Diane von Furstenberg
– Ariane Goldman: Founder & CEO, Hatch
– Coco Rocha: Supermodel & Entrepreneur
– Elsbeth Blekkenhorst: Founder, Elisabietta Shoes
– Stephanie Cartin: Co-Founder & CEO Socialfly & Entreprenista (M)

3:50 PM - “FASHION Is Innovating via Textiles + Manufacturing”

– Michael Savarie: Sustainability Enterprise Catalyst, Hemp Black
– Ryan Hunt: Co-Founder & CTO, Algix & BLOOM
– McGregor Madden: Co-Founder, Hall Madden
– Shannon Ashford: Founder, Tom Foolery
– Cassandra Napoli: Editor, WGSN Insight (M)

4:20 PM - “FASHION Is Recognizing the Greats whom Shaped the Industry”: Keynote Presentation

– Mark Bozek: Founder & Filmmaker, Live Rocket

4:35 PM - "FASHION Is Data Transparency + Retail Innovations” - Powered by Stibo Systems

– Diane Palmquist: CPO, Stibo Systems
– Mark Bozek: Founder & Filmmaker, Live Rocket
– Abby Kalicka: Fashion Content Director & Consultant (M)

5:05 PM - “FASHION Is Creating a Legacy”

– Jeffrey Tweedy: Co-Founder & President, Sean John
– Alexandra Finkel: Director of Talent Acquisition & Inclusion, Bustle Digital Group (M)

5:30 PM to 7:30 PM: Cocktail Reception with Bossa Nova performance by Alexia Bomtempo

*Subject to change



Participating Companies

Hemp Black
FILORO Cashmere
Coresight Research
Eco Age
Elisabietta Shoes
Bustle Digital Group
We Are Knitters
Tom Foolery
Socialfly (1)
Sean John
Kucerak + Co.
Hall Madden
Stibo Systems
Satya Beachwear
Ricky Mendez
united Nations
Catcher in The Style
Conscious Fashion Campaign
Tanya Taylor
KBH Jewels
Blue Bite
Electric Runway
Something Navy
Queen Of Raw
The Woolmark Company


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“I would be very happy to participate in any future events. Thank you so much for the invitation! Keep up the amazing work and I look forward to seeing Fashinnovation becoming an important platform for innovations in the industry”
“I would love to continue collaborating… I loved participating in an event that was so forward thinking , and touched in so many important topics through smart approaches”
“It was a nice event -good to meet those other panelists and hear thoughtful questions!”

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