Patricia Bonaldi: The Brazilian Talent that is that has been winning New Yorkers’ hearts
Patricia Bonaldi: The Brazilian Talent that is that has been winning New Yorkers’ hearts
Patricia Bonaldi: The Brazilian Talent that is that has been winning New Yorkers’ hearts


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Patricia Bonaldi: The Brazilian Talent that has been winning New Yorkers’ hearts

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Patricia Bonaldi has been making a lot of noise in the media lately. The tireless Brazilian designer recently opened her first international store in Soho. She also made her official debut on the last New York Fashion Week with a show that we won’t forget so soon.

In this article, we introduce you to Patrícia Bonaldi, founder of PatBO and one of Brazil’s big promises.

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Meet Patricia Bonaldi

Patricia Bonaldi is a Brazilian designer from Uberlândia, a city in the countryside of Minas Gerais. The head and heart behind PatBO has an entrepreneurial vision that leads her to keep growing her brand year after year.

On Instagram, the designer has more than 1.2 million followers. And, in her profile, she shares the backstage of her brand, the details of her routine with family, friends, and team. In addition, she also shares beauty tips, trends, interviews, gastronomy, and travel itineraries.

How It All Begin

It all started when Patricia was still a child and was super excited when she had an event to go to. That’s because she and her mother went to the dressmaker to plan the dresses for the occasion. Due to the custom of making clothes to order in her hometown, she was used to creating her clothes, designing, buying fabrics, and following until she saw the finished piece. 

However, what Patricia didn’t know was that her skills were beyond a hobby.

Creating the Brand

The years passed and Patricia decided to go to law school. Willingness and willingness to work hard were never lacking and during the course, she had several jobs, always outside the fashion industry. Already married, the girl from Minas embraced the opportunity of going to work in Japan, accompanying her husband, in an electronics factory, which made her quit college and spend 3 years on the other side of the world.

Determined and with a reserve of money, on their return to Brazil, Patricia and her husband decided to set up their own business in Minas Gerais with the savings accumulated over time abroad. This time, the businesswoman decided to focus on her passion, fashion and opened a multi-brand of party items. Closely following the clothing sales in her store, she visualized the customers’ desire for different, customized pieces. It was then that in 2003 Patricia started accepting orders in her store and moving towards opening her own label.

After it opened, her talent began to be recognized on the catwalks of Minas Trend – a local fashion event considered to be one of the biggest in Latin America. Before long, Patricia Bonaldi gained space on the fashion circuits and her career took off. Her differential leaned in dresses full of sequins, lace and pearls in pure silk, silk organza, tulle and taffeta. 

In 2012, the stylist created a second brand, PatBO, younger and more affordable, where she can follow the trends of the seasons more than with party dresses. In 2014, Patricia made a major expansion, when she bought two other brands from Minas Gerais, Lucas Magalhães, and Apartamento 03, creating Nohda, a holding with four fashion brands: Patrícia Bonaldi, PatBo, Lucas Magalhães, and Apartamento 03. 

The Rise of PatBO

PatBO was born from those desires that are too big to stay on paper. With creativity and innovation as the core of the business, the brand was founded in 2012, ten years after the creation of the Patricia Bonaldi brand. From that moment on, the most daring ideas of the homonymous stylist began to take shape in pieces that incorporate and are trending, based on the same essence of handcrafting and embroidery.

The brand’s collections include nightwear, jeans, casuals, and beachwear. With hand-drawn prints, embroidery, and modern cuts, the brand offers an elegant mix and possibilities of clothing for any occasion.

PatBO’s dresses have gained fans all over the world and big personalities have used some of her pieces. One of the most iconic occasions was when Camila Cabello wore one of her dresses to her VMA’s presentation in 2019.

By 2021, PatBO has achieved a global presence with more than 150 distribution points in 15 different countries. But the plans don’t stop there. The brand whose mission is to “enchant and transform people’s lives through fashion” intends to keep internationalizing and having more stores by 2025.

In this video, you can have an idea of Patricia’s creations that has a touch of authenticity, luxury, and an emphasis on handmade embroidery.

Debuting on NYFW

As much as Patricia Bonaldi has been on the official CFDA agenda since last year. However, due to the Covid pandemic, her debut has been delayed. It was then that, in this last September issue, the Brazilian stylist started her physical presence at the NYFW.

The scenography with plants made a connection with the exuberance of Brazilian forests. With that, the show helped to raise awareness towards this rich immaterial heritage that needs protection. Furthermore, it also created a chic and sensual atmosphere.

The show counted with huge modeling names in the cast, such as Alessandra Ambrosio. It also offered the audience a collection of dresses with cutouts and low waists. The creations move from the resort to the party, showing that this agenda is often not so opposite.

PatBO’s DNA was not left behind. Hand-drawn embroidery, appliqués, and prints showed that is possible to innovate bringing a more contemporary approach without losing its essence. Fringes and feathers add glamour, crochet becomes beachwear couture and the kimono arrives in a deluxe version, as the stylist has already done with pajamas.

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