Find Out The Secrets of Social Media For Business
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Find Out The Secrets of Social Media For Business

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Social Media for business is one of the greatest and most helpful tools. By creating content and posting constantly, entrepreneurs and their companies can reach out to an amazing audience, get closer to consumers, build their community and sell more.

Right now, there are more than 3 billion social media users across the globe. That means, if your business isn’t on social media yet, you could be missing sales and the opportunity of getting people to come along with you on your entrepreneurship journey. 

Social Media for Business: How Can It Help

Technology has been shaping the fashion industry. It’s not only helping brands to be more sustainable, but also contributing to their selling. When it comes to social media for business, it’s making it possible for brands to truly connect with their audience, add value to them, and show their products in a captive, interesting and creative way.

Reasons that companies are on social media are multiple, especially when it comes to fashion. But, to sum it up, we’ll give you 3 facts that will surely convince you of the importance of investing in different social media channels:

1. Connection with Consumers

Social media for business in the fashion industry is closing the gap between the company and its clients.  It’s been a while in which consumers are showing their demands and have expectations from brands. They not only want to buy a t-shirt, for example, but they also want to buy experience while identifying with the company values they’re buying from.

In this scenario, social media is giving brands the possibility to have a voice, humanize their company and engage with those who buy from them. With a marketing strategy and content planning, brands can grow fast and create a tribe that identifies with them. Furthermore, companies can use social media as customer service by getting feedback on the products, asking them what they want to see and what they expect from the brand.

2. Build branding and increase awareness

Branding is essential for a business as it is what makes a memorable impression on consumers and allows them to know what to expect from the company. Through consistent content on social media, users can get to know the brand’s values. Also, companies can use the platforms to cultivate their image, messaging, and overall lifestyle transmitting the idea of what the brand stands for. With cultivated a real image, it helps increase brand recognition. 

3. Increase traffic

By using social media in the correct way, brands get more people to know about them, which means more recognition, more people going on its website, and, in consequence, more sales. Brands can use different strategies to increase traffic. It can be through paid ads, creating interesting content and partnerships with influencers, and maybe do all of these combined. The goal is to get more followers, get more people talking about the brand, interacting with the content, and visiting the website.

Social Media for Business: 5 Secrets to Grow

There’s no exact formula to grow on social media. Even though, there are a few tips that allow fashion brands to get the boom they want on different platforms.

  • Be constant – Post every day on Instagram stories, be present on Facebook and IG feed, and don’t forget about interacting on Twitter and creating interesting pins on Pinterest;
  • Create a cohesive branding message – Define your brand’s values and pillars and choose how you want to communicate with your consumers and followers. It is important for fashion businesses to combine visual and written messages. Social Media is about selling experience, lifestyle, and recognition, so don’t forget to work on that;
  • Engage with customers – Interact with them on comments and through messages. Ask them to share and save. Build a real relationship with your followers and potential consumers, show that their opinion matters, and really engage them with your content and brand;
  • Make features – The idea that “together we are stronger” makes total sense on social media. Pay attention to small influencers that work with the same values as your brand: they can be your golden key to broad the audience!
  • Plan the content and study your data – Decide your posts in advance, plan the content, and follow the agenda. Along with that, understand the results you’ve been getting so can you work on them. 

Tailwind: The Tool You Need to Rock Online

Tailwind is the tool you need to help with your business’s social media. The alternative when you don’t have a full marketing team. It is a smart assistant that helps brands to plan, create, analyze, and post content. 

With more than 700,000+ members, Tailwind tools transform your photos into hundreds of optimized, personalized designs for Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. It also has a hashtag finder, a post scheduler, and what is needed to create a unique content design.

The tool also has an Instagram mobile app for Android and iOS devices. It is a fast and easy way to plan and publish your Instagram feed on the go. Furthermore, Tailwind offers the possibility to analyze your posting data. It helps understand your weaknesses and what you need to work on in order to improve your engagement and audience.

According to Tailwind’s, their users’ Pinterest pins get 47% more saves than any other type of pin in their data set. When comparing engagement on saves, Tailwind members get 15% higher performance for the Tailwind-published saves versus the Pinterest saves. When it comes to Instagram, Tailwind members post to Instagram 4.3x more often.

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