Are Solid Products the Future of the Beauty Industry
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Are Solid Products the Future of the Beauty Industry?

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Sustainability isn’t an option anymore. From clothing to beauty products, brands are slowly taking action towards a greener way of production and discarding. And, on that road, the solid products are finding their spot in people’s hearts.

Recently, Fortune released a research that affirmed that we’ve started to wash our hands more because of the pandemic. Therefore, the soap market is projecting that, by 2027, the industry will cost US$ 55,29 billion

And, in that scenario, the solid products are showing that – hopefully – they’ve come to stay. To produce them, there’s no need for water, there’s also no need for the use of plastic materials. Their production can be sustainable and natural. 

According to WGSN, the cosmetic industry strongly believes in this trend. So, for some time now, we have seen that solid products are slowly gaining most of the store shelves. The facial cleansers and other skincare products, that became part of people’s routine, are made of natural ingredients. They can be made of cinnamon, eucalyptus, chamomile, coconut oil, and many other raw materials.

The Solid Products’ Squad

When we are talking about solid products, it is necessary to understand that they range from soaps for dishwashers to luxury cosmetics. The variety of options offers the consumer a full line of self-care products. 

Most solid products also have sustainable packaging and speeches more aligned with general environmental concerns. Although not yet as popular as liquid products, shampoos, conditioners, and bar soaps have many supporters.

Solid Products: No-Water Policy

As we have already mentioned, in the manufacturing of bar products, there is a minimum – and often zero – water consumption.

Concern for the environment and the interest of the younger generations in consuming uncomplicated products boosted the waterless beauty trend. This is a generation of products with little or no water in the formulation, as well as more sustainable development. 

They are bars, powders, and sticks with high performance to care for the skin and hair without leaving sustainability aside.

Thanks to technology and to social changes, due to more information and education, consumers are demanding more and more natural-sourced and ecological products. Hence, the market is seeing that there’s a golden bucket at the end of this rainbow. Therefore, there have been more investments and innovation in this area and, in consequence, a more modern production process and product quality.

Why Opt For Solid Products

The benefits of bar products are many. They go beyond saving water and the absence of plastic in their compositions. Here are 4 reasons why you should put solid products on your list.

Variety of Offered Products 

Due to the possibility of creating different compositions, solid products allow a greater variety of active ingredients, with options for oily, dry, mixed, or for deep cleaning hair. In addition, many brands provide the complete list of ingredients present in each of the products, being possible to choose according to the consumers favorite aroma.

Most companies who work with this type of cosmetics are vegan, not using any animal derivatives and other compounds present in traditional products, and also do not carry out testing on animals.

Less Harm For The Environment 

Most brands that sell this type of product are concerned with the environment, using natural ingredients, and valuing the production chain. In addition, solid products do not need plastic packaging like liquid products and can be transported in cloth bags and packed in cellophane, a natural and biodegradable polymer that can be used to replace plastic, thanks to its transparency and flexibility.

Solid shampoos and conditioners have a good shelf life, which varies according to the hair washes per week, which reduces the need to buy several products in a shorter period of time.

High Concentration

Bar products are not just good for the environment. Its effectiveness is also reflected in the product’s action on the skin. They tend to yield more and bring more efficient results.

All this happens because the concentration of matter, being solid, is greater. Thus, acting in a more direct, punctual way and bringing better results.


Buying a product and not adapting to it is a reason for frustration, mainly due to the money spent and the impossibility of taking advantage of the item. In the case of bar shampoo, this is more difficult to happen, as some brands are careful to choose ingredients that can also be used on the body.

Thus, if the person feels that that type of shampoo did not show good results on the hair, it is possible to use it as a soap for the body, making the most out of the item.

Before buying from companies, it is good to check if the product is registered with the responsible agency and if they respect the production rules.

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Júlia Vilaça

Head of Content & Social Media

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Júlia Vilaça

Head of Content & Social Media

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