Sustainability - Why Classic Menswear is actually leading
Sustainability - Why Classic Menswear is actually leading
Sustainability - Why Classic Menswear is actually leading


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Sustainability: Why Classic Menswear is actually leading

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The fashion industry is fluid and constantly changing. Every six months we see a new collection launching – expressing the mood of a particular time and place. Although, new collections might contain certain style aspects of past decades, the aspiration will be one of creating something new, something different – reflecting present times. While only a minority of people are keeping up with the pace of the ever-changing fashion world, there are still a lot of people who at least try to keep up and follow the trend as much as they can. Thanks to “fashion discounter”, fashion is not a question of money, but it comes with a high cost when it comes to sustainability and working conditions.

Detached from the world of fast fashion

The area I’m working in, is one that is pretty much detached from the world of fast fashion. In fact, when I buy something for myself or advise a client, I look for a certain quality that actually lasts for a few years if not a lifetime. It is the world of Classic Menswear.   Some of you hear Classic Menswear and think of baggy old clothes, poorly cut suits and worn out shoes – the grandpa style. If that’s your image of Classic Menswear, I have to disappoint you. Classic Menswear is a lot about style, fit, quality fabrics and supporting craftsmanship. Look at well dressed men in Italy, Spain, France and Great Britain. They go out for dinner with friends and dress up – putting on a Blazer or throw a nice pullover over their shoulders and wear a nice pair of leather shoes. Most of these gentlemen appreciate sartorial details such as a “spella camisa”, side adjusters on their trousers, and know the difference between a padded and a soft shoulder on a jacket.

Tips on how to buy high quality for fair prices

Yes, all this comes with a certain price but one that is worth investing. And no, you don’t have to be wealthy to be able to afford garments of high quality. In the past decade, we have seen new companies filling that important gap. I don’t want to name any specific brands here, but I can certainly think of companies; One of them is a wonderful young company that make high-end garments with great sartorial details which are all produced in Italy. All this at affordable prices! Apart from these new companies there are also great sources like Ebay or Etsy where often times you find new and unused items for half of the original price as well as secondhand clothes. Even, if you decide to invest in a few garments, it will most certainly pay off. While fashion items may only be “in” for a certain time, a classic shirt or suit never goes out of style.

Clients with a Classic Menswear style:

  • Invest in better quality which last a long time and can be worn regardless the current trends.
  • Avoid fast moving trends.
  • Makes sure the garment fits perfectly and looks good on them – which kind of guarantees that they will wear it.
  • Take care of garments or shoes very well so that they last for a long time.
  • Values the sartorial knowledge that goes into each garment and is oftentimes automatically supporting better working conditions and salaries.
  • Is interested in slowly building up a long term sustainable wardrobe.
These are characteristics, that in my opinion, make the most sustainable group of clients when it comes to the fashion industry.

Become more sustainable regardless your style

I’m not telling anyone to change their style to a classic one  – although I would personally love that. I strongly believe that if people give more attention to their garments, they would not only dress better but support better brands and buy less garments that end up hanging unused in wardrobes or simply being junked. All in all, clothes and the way they are made would be more appreciated and at the same time, hopefully, become more sustainable all together. Let’s try to all be more sustainable regardless of the style we admire and not only take care of the environment but also enjoy wearing what we buy – even more! Interested to learn more about Menswear? Follow the author’s blog here Bagels & Blazers * By Florian A. Funk




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