plus size revolution in fashion

The Plus Size Revolution In Fashion!

Only those living under a rock would be oblivious to the positive and significant tides, in which the representation of curvy models has beautifully formed within various spectrums of fashion and media. This is indicative of the reality that, indeed, the days of shaming and overlooking this particular body shape are so over!

The global fashion industry has previously portrayed and regarded slimmer framed bodies as the “bible”.  However in recent times, this part of the industry is being propelled to adapt and evolve, hence the rise and impact of plus size representation has proven to be staggering and viable.

Upon casting a few glances across fashion magazine covers and pages, one is likely to spot a voluptuous figure looking all sorts of fine! This gigantic effect continues to catch the attention of esteemed magazine editors, ranging from ELLE, VOGUE, Cosmopolitan, MAXIM and many others.

Film and television sector – representation of The Plus Size

Although this revolution has infiltrated the fashion side of the creative sphere, there seems to be two other spaces, in particular, that are yet to adapt to this empowering body movement – the film and television sector.

Sadly, many Writers and Producers still make the mistake of type casting roles for curvy actors. The storylines are usually uninspiring – to which degrades and dishonours this plus size revolution even further. We are yet to watch a well written character of a top fashionista, portrayed by a curvy actress on our silver screens!

Many fashion and style enthusiasts have lamented at how curvy media practitioners are usually depicted in frivolouslanes. As opposed to being afforded glittery slots alongside their slimmer counterparts.

Below are three inspirational plus size women who are carving impressive strides in their respective spaces within the realm of media and fashion.

Tess Holliday

This mother of two parades her voluptuous body fiercely and with gusto. In the year 2020, Tess announced her divorce from her husband, Nick Holliday. The pair had been married since 2015. This move was indicative of self-love, after Tess revealed that her ex-husband was abusive during their marriage and constantly took jabs at her weight.


Melissa Viviane Jefferson, also known as, Lizzois assimilated with all things plus size body empowerment. Her presence in the entertainment industry is supremely important and relevant. The Detroit native is quite hard to overlook because her music continues to blaze the charts; not forgetting her rad sense of fashion and style.

The three time Grammy award winning musician has been hailed as an inspiration to many curvy women across the world, especially the younger generation. During an interview with VOGUE in October 2020, the 32 year old explained that she hopes that her body shape could be regarded as a normality in society.

The Plus Size: Ashley Graham

Many fashion runways have been blessed to have the beautiful Ashley Graham strut on them. The mother of one is certainly breaking bank, hence her career in modeling and television saw her making a whopping $12 million as of the year 2021.

Sourcing out stylish and chic clothing pieces used to be quite an extreme sport for many plus size ladies but not anymore; hence the fashion design sector is riding the wave of accommodating this body shape. Reputable clothing labels such as Dear Curve, Loud Bodies, Eloqui, And I Get Dressed, are popular amongst curvaceous ladies within many communities across the world – ensuring that they remain looking all sorts of fly, fashionable and trendy!

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By Lungile Ntuli

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