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Urgent Help Needed for Porto Alegre: How Your Donation Can Make a Difference

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Porto Alegre, a vibrant city in southern Brazil, has recently faced a devastating tragedy that has impacted thousands of lives and the local environment. The need for a quick response is imperative, and your help can be crucial. This is an urgent call to action.

Understand What Happened

Last week, extreme weather events struck Porto Alegre and surrounding cities in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, causing widespread flooding and substantial damage to the urban infrastructure. Communities are not only battling the loss of their homes but are also facing a shortage of essential resources such as drinking water and food.

Porto Alegre - BBC NEWS
Photo by BBC News Brasil

It is important to note that part of our team is located in this region, directly suffering from these impacts, which motivates us even more to help.

The Importance of Sustainability

The events in Porto Alegre serve as a painful reminder of the critical need for sustainable infrastructure and adaptive urban planning. Discussions on climate change and sustainable practices often emphasize preparation and prevention as essential means to mitigate the effects of natural disasters. 

In Rio Grande do Sul, practices such as deforestation and inadequate urban planning have exacerbated the severity of flooding. This highlights the urgent need to implement resilient and sustainable development policies incorporating environmental considerations into urban planning to prevent future tragedies. 

By prioritizing green infrastructure and stringent regulatory frameworks, cities can better prepare for and respond to the challenges posed by extreme weather events.

Help Porto Alegre As You Can

The immediate needs are vast, ranging from shelter to access to food and medicine. We have facilitated a channel for international donations to be made safely and effectively. Your contribution can mean the difference between despair and hope for many. 

If you can assist, we urge you to make your donation using the provided QR code or following the donation instructions below. This will ensure that your contribution goes directly to the emergency funds set up for Porto Alegre. Alternatively, sharing this information with others can also greatly amplify our efforts and bring more support to those in need.

To make a donation, use the following information and instructions:

Euro Zone
Standard Chartered Bank
Frankfurt Branch
Account: 007358304

Dollar Zone
Standard Chartered Bank
New York Branch
Swift: SCBLUS33
Account: 3544032986001

Bank of Brazil: 001 National Association of Dam Affected People (ANAB)
Agency: 1230-0
Checking Account: 118.806-2
PIX (CNPJ): 73.316.457/0001-83
IBAN: BR7800000000012300001188062C1

Porto Alegre

The time to act is now. Your solidarity and support can relieve the suffering of many and begin the process of reconstruction and recovery for the city. We are deeply grateful for any support you can offer.

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