Everything you need to know about “Slow Fashion”
Everything you need to know about “Slow Fashion”
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Slow Fashion: Everything You Need to Know About in 2021

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Slow Fashion is a concept and part of a lifestyle that goes against all kinds of exaggerated consumption. It defends the idea that “less is more”, putting the product’s quality first, and in favor of a more minimalistic way of living.

Slow Fashion Everything you need to know about in 2021 1

As the term says, slow fashion is the exact opposite of Fast Fashion. It reminds us to forget about quantity and to buy only what we really need. Of course, when it comes to it, we are not forgetting about profiting, but consuming in a more sustainable, healthy, and clean way.

How did it all begin and why is it important?

Slow Fashion started within the new wave that has, in the past few years, shook the fashion industry. The term itself was first coined by Kate Fletcher of the Centre of Sustainable Fashion, following the slow food movement.

Fletcher saw that the fashion industry was – and still is- in need of a slower act of buying. Slow Fashion’s goal is to make people aware of all the consequences of rampant consumption. It also promotes a lifestyle in which people add to their routine concerns such as what kind of clothing they are buying, where it came from, and if it’s really necessary to buy it.

This movement is certainly necessary when we see ourselves caught up in a scenario where large brands are burning unsold products, throwing away raw materials, and unused clothes, in other words, not caring about our environment and everything around it.

Slow Fashion: the movement

Before the Industrial Revolution, people used to buy good quality products that lasted a lifetime. Also, those purchases were, mostly, made by local artisans and producers. Furthermore, It was more common for people to make their own pieces of clothing.

Clothes carry history, identity, and cultural aspects of people that use to make and wear them, and this is what Slow Fashion highlights. And, in the past few years, it became a movement, where people are turning this into a life mantra.  

Slow Fashion Everything you need to know about in 2021 2

With time, the movement has grown and has gained more followers and adapts. Now, sustainable brands are growing, innovating, and gaining more space and supporters worldwide.

How to embrace Slow Fashion in a Fast Fashion world

Slow Fashion can not only save the environment but can also help your pocket. Take a look at the following tips we have for you to adopt Slow Fashion into your life!

  1. Be aware of every piece of clothing that you already have and with that, be creative. Don’t first think about purchasing something new, it’s possible to be fashionable with what you already have;
  2. Be more informed! Demand that the brands are transparent and always seek to know where your clothes came from, who made them, what materials were used, and whether the cost-benefit is real;
  3. Choose carefully the brands you buy from. Some brands are driven by an amazing purpose and we can not only support them but, also, help them grow;
  4. We know that buying sustainable clothes are not always the cheapest option, but, on the other hand, good quality items last longer and, consequently, you’ll need to buy less often;
  5. Adopt “The 30 wears test”: Ask yourself, before buying, if you will use this new purchase in the next 30 days and if you really need it right now. If not, the answer is simple: don’t buy it!
Júlia Vilaça

Head of Content & Social Media

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Júlia Vilaça

Head of Content & Social Media

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