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Work From Home: A Modality That Affects Fashion Industry Workers in 2022

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We know that work from home already existed way before the pandemic. However, after the health crisis that hit the world, several companies adopted this work system definitively due to its several positive points.

Work From Home in Fashion Industry

Startups have already used remote work for a while because it does not require a specific office to carry out their activities. Thus, it is possible to work from anywhere in the world. This working model allows companies to have employees from all over the world on its team. In this way, many companies use geographic obstacles to their advantage.

Work From Home

This type of service is more common in professions directly related to the internet. But even if you have a job seen as traditional, if you do not need to travel from home to carry out your daily activities, your work fits precisely into this modality.

The success of this modality for you depends on how you deal with work from home and its characteristics. After all, if you work from home, setting aside an environment specifically for work can be challenging. Over time, you may end up confusing your work schedule with your household chores.

In this article, you will learn about how work from home has affected workers in the fashion industry and much more. Keep reading!

The Fashion Workers From Home

The Pros

In addition to optimizing time with traffic, for example, working from home allows introverted or less social fashion workers to have a greater sense of creativity since you find yourself in a personal and comfortable space to develop ideas and continue creative projects.

A designer who works alone may be able to reconcile their personal space with their workspace. However, some teams need a collaborative space to produce creatively.

The Cons

According to Apparel Resources, among 1,500 fashion employees on the ‘new needed trend’ of working remotely, 60% of them recognized they had experienced a negative impact on their performance and productivity since the pandemic outbreak.

Some fashion designers may not adapt to this work system. This is because the job requires meeting the client, arranging for fashion shows, displaying items to clients, selecting fabric, and much more.

Work From Home

An article from the JD Institute of Fashion states that “fashion designing always demands creative and imaginative passion. Designers cannot work correctly without the right work environment. Fashion designer jobs require a lot of group work, discussion, and monitoring. From selecting fabric to designing patterns, you need to work in a team.”

The Employee’s & Employer’s Vision on Work From Home

The work from home system is significantly positive for employers, according to the research Employers’ and employees’ views on the success of remote work in the United States in 2020 by Statista. When asked whether remote work has been a success, 83% of employers agree, while only 73% of employees agree. “This agrees illustrates that the majority of respondents that remote work has been a success.”

In this research,133 executive respondents represent public and private companies in three sectors:

Financial services (43%), technology, media and telecommunications (31%), retail and consumer goods (26%).

Also, according to Statista, aside from a more flexible schedule and the possibility of working from anywhere, employees stated that “home office environments were also better for them from a financial perspective. Despite experiencing difficulties with the lack of face-to-face interaction and challenges with collaboration and communication tools, approximately seven out of ten employees in the U.S. found it easier and less stressful to give a presentation in online meetings than in person in 2021.

Employer’s Responsibilities 

The difficulty in adapting to this work system, mainly immediately, ended up affecting some employees and their productivity. In this way, the company must be present in ensuring better employee performance. After all, there is not much expense on the company’s part with the physical structure of its employees.

Work From Home 1

Statista said that companies are responsible for normalizing security training and workshops within the workplace culture. “Ensuring employees can properly identify phishing emails, and other cyber threats, such as malware or credential theft, bring companies one step closer to reducing the success rate of a cyber breach.”

Over the last few years, companies in Europe and North America have dedicated significantly higher time and resources to implementing security training tools for their employees. 

To Sum Up

In fact, work from home varies from designer to designer and every other fashion worker. The space where you will be used to work influences a lot. Also, you will need to be close to other people to share and improve ideas.

In conclusion, working from home for fashion professionals can bring many exciting things. But it can have many cons in several ways. The need for physical interaction is essential to production processes in this industry, and working from home can prevent this from happening. For example, a good alternative would be hybrid work, which pleases both audiences.

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