why fashion is important
why fashion is important
why fashion is important



5 Reasons Why Fashion Is Important & Essential

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Clothing is an essential part of people’s lives. They offer many health and beauty benefits. Fashion is crucial to history because it sets the tone for how people present themselves in every era. Everyone lives through fashion, sometimes by choice and sometimes because of societal rules. 

Clothes are a basic human need. Every piece of clothing has a purpose. Learn five reasons why fashion is important and essential to society, history, and development.

1. Breaks the Norms

As society grows and advances, attitudes develop, some of which can tear down years of austerity. Fashion, for example, adapts to changing gender dynamics. Dresses for men have become commonplace as people grow more comfortable with gender fluidity.

2. Inspires Creativity

Clothing is a method of self-expression that allows people to be their true selves. From custom-made garments to plain T-shirts, there is no end to how one can express oneself. New fabrics and applications develop daily, opening doors to new and better ideas.

3. Tells a Story

Fashion not only serves a human need but by studying its evolution, we can mark gradual, important changes in society. Every era has a look that defines the most important details and sets the base for improvement and innovation. The history and evolution of men’s suits is a clear example of how society managed to create elements that would have a big impact on future generations. The suits we wear today still recycle old ideas with modern twists.

4. Increases Self-Confidence

Many people struggle with this, but the right piece of clothing in the right situation can boost a person’s mood and completely transform them. Clothes influence how we look at someone. They help create an idea of what we think about their personality. Wearing what makes you comfortable is a statement, and people will respect your individuality. This is an essential detail of why fashion is important.

5. Makes a Difference

Whether you choose to wear a gown with high heels, a custom-tailored suit, or a t-shirt with sneakers, you can’t escape the fact that fashion is all around us. Designers create clothing for every type of personality. Every item has a purpose. Designers may put just as much work into crafting the perfect plain black t-shirt as they would into creating a ballroom gown. The fashion industry influences everyone, even “unfashionable people,” in small, imperceptible ways. Next time you put on a brand-new pair of shoes, know that someone spent months of their life preparing them for you. 

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* Written by Felicia Priedel.

Editor’s Note: The opinions expressed here by Fashinnovation’s columnists are their own, not those of Fashinnovation.




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