Preserving Unique Origins

Adamo1987: A Story of Sustainability, Craftsmanship, and Family Legacy

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Adamo1987 is a homeware brand founded by the sister designer duo Riki and Gia. With a passion for creating environments that celebrate heritage crafts within contemporary living, the brand offers a vision of revived luxury through its collections. Below we take a closer look at the inspiration behind Adamo1987 and the sustainability practices at the brand’s heart.

A Lifestyle Built on Legacy Adamo1987 is a brand inspired by family legacy. As the daughters of a botanical artist and a stone fabricator, Riki and Gia grew up with a deep appreciation for quality materials and heritage crafts.

1 A Lifestyle Built on Legacy Photo
Mother and Artist Lisa Angelini layers rich color and multiple painting techniques for a collection of textiles, wall art, and stationery.

This shared appreciation characterizes their collections of carefully curated pieces from the past and present. Each design serves to preserve the ages, support time-honored trade skills, and protect the environment.

Aligning Heritage and Circularity

Adaptive reuse is central to the brand. Prioritizing circularity to minimize their footprint, Riki and Gia source historically significant pieces from small dealers worldwide and partner with master artisans in the United States, repurposing vintage to meet contemporary needs while honoring the unique origins of each piece.

2 Aligning Heritage and Circularity Photo
Material: 100% Linen Pillow Finish & Antique Cotton Batiste Pocket Squares
Antique Origin: 1940s – 1950s Foard print pocket square of Carmel Mission and Mission Arches in California.

An example of adaptive reuse with meaningful origins and ethical sourcing is The Textile Revival Collection, a luxe line of upcycled textiles. Riki sources vintage pocket squares and scarves, while Gia repurposes each into pillow covers and framed art with artisans using premium natural materials. This collaboration is crucial for the integrity of the Adamo1987 brand. An independent artisan, artist, or small business shop brings the concepts to life, and the brand takes every opportunity to shine a spotlight on its partner’s work.

3 Aligning Heritage and Circularity Photo 1

Preserving Unique Origins

Constructed by a series of lines, the colors within this original 20th-century hand-painted gouache pattern once served as a textile design guide. Weavers would follow the artist’s colored framework to translate this pattern into a woven fabric. Among the grid and repeat motif design, you’ll notice handwritten dates and notes in French about weave styles, dye colors, and even client requests. Flip to the backside for more penciled notes dating back to the early 20th century.

In preserving this painting, Gia worked with a Miami family business to custom-frame this antique and showcase backside notes from 1904.

4 Preserving Unique Origins Photo
Le Rouge, Gouache Painting Textile Design
Antique Origin: France, 1904

Carefully Curated Pieces

With an archive of antique designs and a deep appreciation for storytelling, Adamo1987 is creating conversation pieces built on quality materials, eco-friendly practices, and ethical collaboration.

Riki and Gia take special care in selecting designs and building collections. Each product’s story begins with the origin of the antique and introduces the quality material and eco-friendly practices. It ends by celebrating the ethical collaboration between Adamo1987 and its skilled trade partners in making each product.

Transparency in storytelling is critical. Conscious consumers are choosing wisely against fast interiors and wasteful production. They’re seeking brands and products that align with their values. Adamo1987
curates based on this demand. A product is selected because Riki and Gia believe it will become a treasured part of the home that gets passed down to the next generation.

Written by Gia Adams Wheeler from Aadamo1987.

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