Av Norden- Sustainable Fashion
Av Norden- Sustainable Fashion
Av Norden- Sustainable Fashion


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Av Norden- Sustainable Fashion

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Meet Av Norden: a 100% sustainable fashion company created for women and children! Inspired by Scandanavian fashion, Founder, Jenny Jackson, noticed that the key pieces of Nordic childrenswear were missing in typical American fashion. Scandavanian design is synonymous with simplicity and functionality but is also meant to be harmonious with one’s environment. The main principle behind Nordic design is to intentionally make things that will last- not things to be replaced. Through seeing that this value was missing from the industry specifically in the US, Jenny decided to use Scandanavian fashion as a tool that could improve sustainability in America.Av Norden has evolved over the years, starting out as a general concept and eventually becoming a vehicle for sustainable growth.

Not only are Av Norden serious about the quality of clothes produced, but they are also mindful of partnerships created. As a platform they want all facets of the company to represent who they are and what their mission is. Av Norden has partnered with brands including Blaa and Kivat to ensure their success in the market. By increasing their partnerships, they are increasing their strengths in marketing and e-commerce guaranteeing that customers are receiving the best of what is being offered in the world!

If it wasn’t their eco-ethical commitment that made this company scale quickly, the brands offered definitely sealed the deal. Their brands sell a wide range of pieces for women and children that include dresses, pants as well as adorable onesies for the little ones made with high-quality and non-toxic fabrics. Many of their clothes incorporate youthful patterns and colors that make even an adult feel like a kid again! Gloves, scarves, beanies and knit cardigans are sold on the site too in case you were looking for something to keep you warm for those winter months. “Av Norden has what you need to be comfortable and stylish at an affordable price, while keeping everything sustainable!”

Av Norden is seriously representing as an industry leader in the Nordic fashion industry and is doing so with elegance and integrity. For more information on this brand please visit their website at https://www.av-norden.com/about-us-1 .

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