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Creativity: What Happens When a Fashion designer falls in love with a Patternmaker?

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The answer is: “They combine their talents and start a company to launch creative ideas into reality.”

Charles had already worked in New York for 15 years as a Patternmaker and Production manager. I was a fairly recent grad in Fashion Design and Business. I had worked in positions as a designer in Private Label and Vertical Manufacturing, so I understood the way clothing needed to be developed for various brands.

A Story of Creativity

I realized that I wanted to develop a women’s clothing manufacturing company to serve the Retailer’s Private Brands and also independent Fashion designers. No matter the size of a company, there is the same problem that needs to be solved. Developing fresh design ideas quickly in the most cost-effective way, making them fit, and managing that quality through to the
finished product.

Servicing the Retailer’s Private Brand business in the ’90s and 2000s was the cornerstone of my understanding of every aspect of clothing development, sourcing, logistics and financing. My own creative abilities were crucial. However, I needed to build an infrastructure of trusted fabric mills and factory partners that would allow us to manufacture across various price points, volumes and categories.

I developed a library of reputable fabric mills to quickly fabricate a style and know that
the production would look the same as the sample. I also learned about duties and logistics worldwide and the most favorable countries to source, which is always a moving target. In this business, the ability to be agile in your manufacturing capabilities is necessary for long-term survival.

Charles had a solid base of factory relationships in New York, but I needed to expand to China
to remain competitive with pricing. We now have a base of full-package production facilities in
China will service low minimums.

Creativity & Product Development

Our bottom line success is in the way we do our product development. We ALWAYS do product development here in New York. Charles crafts every pattern so we maintain complete control of our fit consistency. Because of this, we can hold all of our factory partners to the approved standard that our customers require.

At Quick Turn Clothing, we also work with many independent and emerging designers. Because I have managed every aspect of a fashion business, we can offer brands and designers the immediate
capabilities of our long-term experience and infrastructure.
We can offer a cost-competitive way for them to develop their business.

Creativity needs a lot of support to become a profitable business, often lacking the visibility of the general public.

Success is in the quality of the finished product. We are the makers managing creativity.

More About Quick Turn Clothing

Quick Turn Clothing was born from the blended experience of the co-founders Charles Webber and Marianne Webber. Together they combine their technical expertise and extensive factory partners to provide a comprehensive service that develops Women’s clothing from sketch to finished product.

Quick Turn Clothing is a high-quality women’s clothing manufacturer. We provide the essential foundation of skilled clothing professionals to propel your brand’s growth. Because of our knowledge and experience, we partner with established fashion labels and seamlessly work with your technical and production staff to offer Quick Turn Samples and Production.

*written by Marianne Webber/ Quick Turn Clothing

Quick Turn Clothing is one of the notable companies part of our B2B Directory. Our goal is for our audience to learn about companies like this that are changing the industry with innovation.

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