DIGITALKS: How Consistency can be a Breakthrough for Fashion Tech companies

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On Thursday, March 21st, FASHINNOVATION welcomed Christine Keeley, founder of Christine Keeley Studios, for another edition of the DigiTalks. The entrepreneur guided the conversation about how fashion is elevating tech branding in today’s market. 

The DigiTalks is an online event where the FASHINNOVATION community comes together on a Zoom call to discuss different topics from the fashion, technology, and innovation world. Always guided by a big industry player, the event is all about connecting and learning.

In this edition of the DigiTalks, we had the pleasure of learning more from Christine Keeley. Christine Keeley, founder of CHRISTINE KEELEY Studios in NYC, specializes in Creative Content and Digital Branding Solutions. 

With prime studio space in Lower Manhattan, she caters to diverse projects across industries. Amongst her clients are CGS, Carnegie Hall, and NYU. With over 20 years of experience in healthcare and tech marketing, Christine brings a seasoned perspective to her creative endeavors.

During the DigiTalks, Christine shared important tips for companies who want to make it in the fashion industry. For her, the most important aspect a company can have is consistency.

The entrepreneur explains that finding a clear and well-articulated voice is the first step to success for any company. “It all comes back to your brand’s voice,” shares the marketing expert. 

When a company defines a clear, direct voice, it can consider the best way to share its story and reach the correct audience. 

“You have to make sure you have a clearly defined brand voice and spend time to really articulate that story in a consistent way and then create exciting visuals whistle keeping that message consistent throughout.” 

Christine Keeley

DigiTalks: How to reach the right audience?

After defining the brand’s voice, it’s essential to communicate it correctly and reach the customer’s heart. Christine shares that the company must focus on consistency, field study, and repetition to do that. 

The path to success is finding the best way to share your story, repeating it, and showcasing it in every product, campaign, and social media. The company’s channels must reflect the voice and story you want to share, creating a strong connection with customers. 

As well as consistency, the entrepreneur highlights the importance of knowing your competition and keeping a close eye on the market. Benchmarking helps the brand create more accurate prospection and marketing strategies, which eases the way to the target audience. 

DigiTalks: Focus on your niche 

Incited by a participant’s question, Christine also called attention to the relevance of working in niches. Jordana, the co-founder of FASHINNOVATION, also jumped into the conversation, sharing her experience as a new entrepreneur. 

The two businesswomen pointed out that the fashion industry, more than any other industry, has space for all types of companies because fashion allows a free creative process that is not common in other markets. 

Therefore, when choosing your audience, entrepreneurs must find their own niches. Your brand doesn’t have to please everyone; it should focus on pleasing the correct customers who will come back and create your community. 

The focal point that remains is branding. To dive deeper into this conversation, for the next edition of the DigiTalks, we welcome Lucy Jackson, Head of Branding for The Lions, to detangle the subject. 

DigiTalks with Lucy Jackson will be held online on Wednesday, April 3rd.  Registration is now open, so make sure to sign up to connect with us live on Zoom. 

Coming soon

The DigiTalks ended on a recurring question: How do fashion tech and AI come together? For Christine, the birth and democratization of new AI technologies are exciting new opportunities that can optimize and speed up the fashion industry. 

Want to learn more about the relationship between AI and Fashion? Then, stay tuned for the next editions of the DigiTalks, where we’ll explore everything about artificial intelligence. 

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