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Freedom Fleur: Turning freedom into a purpose and a community

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Entrepreneurship is always hard, but in a world run by men, women who dare to enter the corporate scene face multiple difficulties. Freedom Fleur proposes to help those women find a community that pushes them forward. 

Created by Kirstie Fleur, Freedom Fleur is a luxury sustainable clothing brand that makes no apology for ethically made luxury clothing. The brand proposes to give women the resources and support they need to empower themselves and face the market. 

Besides providing beautiful and ethical clothing, Kirstie Fleur also created an online platform called FF Social Club that allows women to exchange business and personal experiences through webinars and forums so they can thrive with the help of others. 

Freedom Fleur: From a woman to other women. 

For Kirstie Fleur, Freedom is more than a right. Freedom is her purpose. 

A Veteran, Kirstie found herself struggling with direction upon her return home, which was further clouded by the lingering aftermath of sexual abuse she experienced in her youth. 

One night, she discovered a documentary about female survivors of assault that struck a chord and initiated a bigger shift. When she realized she couldn’t take others where she hadn’t gone herself, Kirstie decided to address the unspoken—and that’s when she discovered the true power of her voice and developed The Soul Health Approach Sessions ™ and the vision for Freedom Fleur. Kirstie created Freedom Fleur for those women who are on a mission to change their lives, their community, and the world around them for good. 

For the brand, embracing the style of a visionary woman in all facets of entrepreneurship involves choosing clothing that aligns with the visionary woman’s values. One’s that further expresses her confidence, individuality, freedom, and

desire for luxury and ease. To achieve that, Freedom Fleur combines attention to detail, modern trends, fun prints, and a commitment to sustainability and inclusivity. 

freedom fleur

“Dressing like a visionary is about using fashion as a tool to empower oneself and inspire others while making a lasting impression in the world”

– Kristie Fleur

Women empowerment in all stages

The brand makes sure every woman involved with Freedom Fleur has the chance to thrive in their area, and that includes the women in the production process. One of Freedom Fleur’s pillars is fair wages and work conditions for women and to ensure that they only work with certified garment manufacturers. 

“Freedom Fleur responsibly sources its production through partnerships with Oeko-Tex certified mills and sustainable luxury garment manufacturers. Collaborating with factories that maintain lower Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) ensures that we avoid overproducing garments while prioritizing fair wages for workers. 

Additionally, a portion of our proceeds is dedicated to providing grants for women in business, supporting their scaling efforts, and helping them achieve their aspirations.”

freedom fleur

Sustainability and feminism: movements that walk alongside 

When talking about social movements, we often see how they work together and intertwine. The theory of intersectionality also applies to sustainability and feminism. 

According to the UN Women, climate change is not “gender neutral,” and women experience bigger impacts of climate change. That happens because women depend more on natural resources but have less access to them. 

With that in mind, a company that truly fights for women’s empowerment must pay attention to sustainability matters, like Freedom Fleur does. 

When asked about why sustainability is such a pillar for the brand, Freedom Fleur responded: 

“Access to sustainable clothing is a crucial part of the journey for women for several compelling reasons. The conventional fashion industry has long been associated with environmental degradation, unethical labor practices, and a significant carbon footprint. 

Women, as both consumers and often as workers within the industry, are disproportionately affected. Sustainable clothing, produced with a focus on eco-friendly materials, ethical manufacturing processes, and fair labor practices, addresses these concerns. 

It allows women to make environmentally conscious choices, reducing the negative impact of their wardrobe on the planet. Moreover, sustainable fashion often empowers female artisans and workers by ensuring fair wages and safe working conditions. 

By embracing sustainable clothing options, women contribute to the larger movement towards a more responsible and ethical fashion industry, fostering a global culture that values both style and sustainability. It is not easy work but we are dedicated to continuing to put one foot in front of the other. We understand that this work cannot be done in a silo, and it will take collaboration and staying connected to our humanity to make this worth it for people and the planet.”

The FF Social Club: Women Helping Women

Kirstie’s ed-tech platform, the FF Social Club ™, was created to merge women’s personal and professional growth, innovation, and leadership in one place.

“The Freedom Fleur Social Club is an online platform and social enterprise that includes resource sharing, redistribution, employment opportunities, and business training. Most importantly, it’s a place for women of all diverse backgrounds to find community, inspiration, and encouragement.

Freedom Fleur’s Social Club provides a direct line to invaluable tools for any woman with a vision. Through this community of female leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs, women can work through internal and external setbacks and roadblocks and restore dignity within their lives. It all starts with individual economic freedom,” shares Kristie Fleur. 

The Social Club provides weekly engagement opportunities for founders and aspiring founders, including webinars with various experts, entrepreneurs,  and thought leaders, as well as access to resources and community interaction weekly. 

Interested in being a part of the FF Social Club? Membership fees are $19.99 per month for Aspiring Founder’s Membership and $49.99 per month for Founder Membership, 

Freedom Fleur believes that through community and freedom, women can accomplish anything. 

“Working with women who have common goals, objectives, and aspirations is what we believe will create continued success. Along with the ability to have the support of peers and navigate opportunities and challenges, the economic empowerment of women increases productivity, income, and well-being for the women involved.”

– Kirstie  Fleur

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