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Jonak: From Family-Owned Craftsmanship to Global Presence

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The French fashion brand Jonak exudes a sense of tradition and authenticity. The brand is known for manufacturing high-end, stylish footwear that was invented and produced in Europe.

The same family has operated it as a family business for three generations since it was founded in 1964.

We had the chance to meet our past speaker Marcel Nakam in person during an exclusive presentation at the brand’s office in March as part of our Paris Business Mission. Learn more by continuing to read!

The Story of A Modern Twist to Jonak  

Marcel and Josette Nakam established the French-inspired shoe company in 1964 on rue Saint-Placide. And precisely at this time, in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, a vision of fine craftsmanship, a preference for beauty, and authenticity appeared.

One day, Joseph, Marcel’s son, constructed one of France’s greatest shoemakers by settling on “Jonak,” which combines their first names and the family name Nakam. Marcel ensured that his company would always be a family business.

The descendants who carry the brand show the desire to give it a modern touch – and they succeeded. The brand is run by Joseph Nakam’s descendants, Lisa and Marcel Nakam. Today, Jonak has over 90 retail stores in France.

A Window into Jonak’s Identity

To produce fashionable and comfortable shoes, Jonak is renowned for their dedication to luxury, employing only the best materials and craftsmanship.

Jonak has consciously tried to adopt minimalism in their shoe designs despite their dedication to luxury. Several of their shoes have uncluttered surfaces, straightforward shapes, and minor accents like stitching.

Jonak shoes look stylish and allow the superiority of materials and craftsmanship to be clearly seen. The products combine traditional styles with contemporary components. Consumers who value quality and simplicity in their footwear will be drawn to Jonak’s brand identity as it combines its dedication to luxury with a minimalist design philosophy.

Production: Made In Europe  

Regarding production, it is based in Europe and the shoes are made from leather using Portuguese, Italian and Spanish fabrics. According to Marcel, “When it comes to comfort and aesthetics, leather is the best material to provide.”

The leather and related goods sector in Europe comprises about 36,000 enterprises, generating a turnover of €48 billion. According to the official website of the European Union, the most important outlet for EU tanners’ production is footwear (41%), followed by furniture (17%) and the automotive industry (13%).

Because leather is such a strong material, shoes are a perfect application. It can survive different weather conditions and is resistant to wear and strain. In this way, the French shoe company prioritizes making enduringly cozy designed shoes. 

High-quality materials provide a snug fit for the wearer’s foot. Due to the fact that Jonak’s shoes are made to last for several years, customers may anticipate longevity from their purchases.  

Content & Community

Every business that wants to thrive in today’s competitive market must have a strong social media presence. Jonak’s approach is a great example of how the language and messaging of a well-established brand can be leveraged on social media.

Social media is now more than simply a platform for leisure use. It is a potent instrument for businesses to interact with clients, advertise their goods, and increase sales. Brands like Jonak may establish long-term relationships with their customers by using social media to connect meaningfully and authentically with their audience. 

Businesses that don’t take advantage of social media’s power risk slipping behind their rivals and missing out on important opportunities to develop and flourish in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Hence, for businesses to succeed, social media must be prioritized as a crucial element of their marketing plan.

When accessing Jonak’s social media material, you realize the approach goes beyond simply promoting their items. Posts and actions in the online space effectively reflect the brand’s minimalist and elegant image.

On social media, Jonak’s humanized marketing can drive interest in its content and its products. Jonak has successfully cultivated a community of dedicated followers, displaying a consistent brand identity and developing a powerful voice.

Any brand that wants to survive in today’s market must have a strong and consistent social media presence. In this way, a brand can interact with its customers on a deeper level, going beyond just selling and leveraging social media to build a community around its business. 

Jonak has effectively developed a language that focuses on transparency, products, and fun interactions and still feels elegant.

Innovation Meets Style

Businesses increasingly realize the value of utilizing data in their decision-making processes, and data is fast becoming a fundamental part of many industries.

Companies can learn important insights about their operations and improve performance by gathering and analyzing consumer behavior, sales trends, and marketing strategies. Marcel Nakam explains, “It’s important to bring a lot of data into your company, as well as keep it very creative.” 

Also, even while data can offer priceless insights, it’s still crucial to directly solicit client input. A frequent visit to real stores is one of the finest ways, in the opinion of Marcel Nakam, “the way to have feedback is to go the stores all the time.”

In other words, businesses may build a solid base for success in online and offline markets by fusing data analysis with routine client feedback.

To Sum Up 

Through our conversations with Marcel, we gained valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities facing businesses in today’s market. The group from our Business Mission was impressed by the company’s dedication to its craft and commitment to delivering exceptional value to its clients.

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Overall, our group learned a lot during our visit to Jonak’s workplace and it made a big impression. The group expressed excitement to use the lessons they learned in their own enterprises and expressed gratitude for learning from such a creative and prosperous brand.

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