Green Cosmetics - 5 Reasons to Buy Natural Products
Green Cosmetics - 5 Reasons to Buy Natural Products
Green Cosmetics - 5 Reasons to Buy Natural Products


Conscious skin care: choose green products

Green Cosmetics: 5 Reasons to Buy Natural Products

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There’s a wide variety of cosmetics in the market, divided into several categories. Among those categories is natural and synthetic, with the former being a commonly option. However, we must take into account that green cosmetics, in other words, are natural products that are amazing not only for your skin, but to the environment.

From smaller startups to big brands, everyone recommends that you take care of your skin the natural way – but why? Should you spend a little extra on the all-natural stuff if synthetic skin care products do the same job? The answer is yes, and here’s why we believe it’s worth it for you.

1. Natural Cosmetics Are Eco-Friendly

Natural and sustainable cosmetic products are more conscious options compared to many synthetic choices in the market. Chemical manufacturing required for various types of makeup can be harmful to the environment due to the various waste products they release.

For starters, many creams used to include microbeads – microplastics used to exfoliate the skin. While they are small, these are disruptive to the environment. Every time somebody washes their face, these non-biodegradable materials drop down the drain, then into the sewer, and into plants or the sea.

There are also chemicals like sunscreens that can wash into corals and cause damage in the long run. 

By going natural, you prevent more pollution from coming down from your face and putting extra strain on the world’s resources. You do your part in avoiding more damage to Mother Nature.

2. Natural Products Are More Transparent

Natural and synthetic cosmetics and skin care products do not always mean that one is safer for you than the other. In many situations, both undergo the rigorous testing that makes them work as intended without harming you. Even then, natural products still have a few distinct advantages.

Many green cosmetics are more transparent about their product’s ingredient list. This gives you a good insight if the material will cause an allergic reaction to your body. It also saves you the hassle of trying to figure out what interactions can happen on your skin.

Transparency is important when it comes to what you put into your skin. Knowing more can help you find the right cosmetic for you.

3. Green Cosmetics Undergo Ethical Production

Brands that sell natural beauty products usually do so using ethical and sustainable methods. Many use it as a selling point, which is ok if it can help reduce carbon emissions during manufacturing. 

Buying green cosmetics can encourage a more sensitive approach to such products. These can jumpstart novel ways of creating products that don’t harm the environment.

In many cases, brands that offer natural cosmetics try to be eco-friendly. Some even go so far as to work with local farmers to create sustainable means of agriculture.

Organic is not always good; some companies even use it as an empty marketing buzzword! Even then, brands that work to reduce their carbon footprint are vital. 

Their green products deserve support. If they espouse ethical and sustainable practices that don’t rely on fooling customers, supporting these businesses benefits you.

4. Natural Skin Products Are Gentle To The Skin

Natural skin products like cosmetics are, in general, gentle to the skin. The downside of synthetic products is that some skin types are more sensitive to certain products than others. If you’re the type who has very sensitive skin, natural and sustainable makeup should do the job.

Depending on what you buy, some products have ingredients that work faster but can cause skin irritation. Some of these include tretinoin and benzoyl peroxide, which chemically exfoliate your skin. They will work fast but, without extra care, you might get unwanted results.

While natural is not all-good by default, most skin care products that use such ingredients are painless. Some take a longer time to work but will do the job without damaging your skin. They have no harsh chemicals and are even food grade.

5. Natural Cosmetic Products Are Mostly Cruelty-Free

Not all synthetic cosmetics are cruelty-free, as some big manufacturers use extreme animal testing before selling them. The cosmetic industry is notorious for how they deal with animals during the production and testing of new products. 

Natural products, on the other hand, generally use cruelty-free methods for testing and production. 

Cruelty-free means a product does not use animals for testing. In most cases, a natural cosmetic will be cruelty-free because the ingredients themselves are food grade. They do not use specific chemical synthesizers to improve the effectiveness of the product and lower production costs.

If you’re concerned about animals in general, paying a little extra to make sure no animal gets harmed for your cream is worth it. Sustainable cosmetic products make that choice easier for you.

There are several atitudes that we can incorporate into our daily routine to leave the small impact possible in the world. However, we can’t romanticize sustainability and its practices. Check out the article in which we demystifying zero waste lifestyle.




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