Iconic Men’s Fashion Designers
Iconic Men’s Fashion Designers
Iconic Men’s Fashion Designers


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Iconic Men’s Fashion Designers You Should Know

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If you’ve ever wondered who’s responsible for the trends within the men’s fashion industry, here are some influential designers you should know about.

4 Iconic Men’s Fashion Designers

Men’s fashion was traditionally a slow-changing industry, as styles rarely evolved over the years. However, thanks to many innovators, the men’s clothing of today is vibrant, bold, and always evolving. Here are four iconic men’s fashion designers you should know.

Kim Jones

When it comes to high-end streetwear designers, Kim Jones definitely deserves recognition. The British-born designer has worked for Iceberg, Hugo Boss, and Alexander McQueen. However, his role as Artistic Director at Louis Vuitton is what truly made his work iconic. Jones shifted the main focus of this once-luxury brand by introducing streetwear designs and options for any gender. You might recognize his Louis Vuitton x Supreme clothing line was revolutionary at the time, perfectly capturing modern consumer trends. Jones is now the artistic director at Dior Homme.

Raf Simons

Raf Simons has an impressive résumé: artistic director at Dior, creative director at Jil Sander, chief creative officer at Calvin Klein, and, currently, co–creative director at Prada, where he works directly with Miuccia Prada. However, his distinct style truly shines through his self-titled clothing label.

This Belgian designer arguably jump-started the “bulky kicks” trend that Balenciaga made more popular soon after. Working with Adidas, Simon designed the Ozweego sneaker, which was distinct for its silhouette. Overall, his menswear style experiments with the form and shape of clothing and of the human body.

Virgil Abloh

Most individuals who are interested in the fashion sphere know of the late Virgil Abloh—he was a trailblazer among Black clothing designers, working with some of the biggest pop-culture icons in the world. Abloh started in the industry as an intern at Fendi back in 2009. He quickly moved up the ladder, becoming a major player at Off-White and eventually the artistic director of menswear at Louis Vuitton.

At Off-White, Abloh blended luxury and streetwear styles to create an uber-popular brand that superstars and common consumers alike could wear. His distinct designs bridged the gap between high fashion and the streets, prioritizing unique (and sometimes outdated) trends that were born in urban settings. Also, Abloh was committed to paving the way for more diversity in fashion through his “Post-Modern” Scholarship Fund, which was primarily aimed at protecting Black fashion culture.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford is one of the few modern designers who innovates through traditional styles, focusing on sharp tailoring and sleek silhouettes. As the creative director at Gucci, he saved a dying brand by ditching minimalist, monotonous styles. His current self-titled clothing label is a major formalwear manufacturer in the men’s fashion industry. He’s also one of the leaders in luxury fragrances for men.

You should absolutely know about these iconic men’s fashion designers, as their contributions to the industry have shaped modern styles and trends.

In conclusion, use these creators as inspiration to build your wardrobe and create some trendy outfits this summer.

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