Learn From the Best! What Can We Take From Mid-Day Squares’ Storytelling Marketing
Learn From the Best! What Can We Take From Mid-Day Squares’ Storytelling Marketing
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Learn From the Best! What Can We Take From Mid-Day Squares’ Storytelling Marketing?

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If you don’t know Mid-Day Squares yet, our advice is for you to try it. Later on in this article, we’ll talk more about their amazing company. But, for now, what we can assure is: they do a rocking storytelling marketing strategy on social media

There’s no better way to succeed in your business, than learning from the best! 

Storytelling Marketing

So, take a deep breath and travel with us on this tasty and curious story which gave Mid-Day Squares over 40,000 followers on Instagram and millions of dollars in sales.

Who is Mid-Day Squares?

MDS chocolate
Mid-Day Squares chocolate bars come in three different flavors

Have you ever watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Well, Mid-Day Squares is the new, stylish and modern Willy Wonka. The company was founded by Lezlie, Nick, her husband, and Jake, her brother.

The family business began with just a snack and now it’s a phenomenon. They make functional chocolate bars and their first flavor “Fudge Yeah” was released in 2018. That was the beginning of everything. 
Their chocolate is organic, 100% plant-based and certified as non-GMO. It’s also gluten-free and, what’s best, it’s SO tasty. Now, the company offers three different flavors: the pioneer, “Fudge Yeah”, “Peanut Butta” and “Almond Crunch”.

What is Storytelling Marketing?

You’ve probably heard many times about those famous stories that start with “once upon a time”. What you may not know yet is that storytelling has become a good weapon to boost sales for several companies.

A great story must have a beginning, middle and end, with a climax and striking characters, right? This recipe is the basis for the most famous stories we know today. So, why not implement it on your business marketing plan?

Therefore, storytelling marketing is a way of dialoguing with the public using the company’s history, who is behind the product, the customer’s needs and expectations.

The concept of storytelling goes through some phases. First, you need to understand who your company will talk to. Secondly, the wisdom lies in listening to and understanding the target audience. Then, you need to find out the best way to communicate your company’s values, vibe and story.

And last, but not least, comes the fun part: telling your audience about your company! The trick is to explore your story to create new concepts, content and campaigns that delight and entertain customers and make them loyal to the brand.

But anyone who thinks that any short story can be considered storytelling is mistaken. For the technique to work, the story must contain elements that instigate and thrill those who are listening.

Getting customers to identify with what is being told is essential to the success of the campaign.

Why Should Companies Opt for Storytelling Marketing?

Storytelling Marketing is the application of storytelling concepts to marketing and sales.

Researchers at the University of Washington found out that the story listeners are anything but passive. By monitoring the brain activity of several people as they read a story, they were able to see that some areas of the brain were activated in full agreement with the book being read.

The regions linked to the motor function were activated whenever the characters practiced some action, while the neurons connected to the vision were activated with each change of scenery.

When we read a story where someone raises a cup, for example, our brain mimics the movement by activating the responsible areas for doing so, bringing the feeling that we are doing the same action.

This also occurs in the relationship between people and companies: disclosure through stories creates a much stronger emotional relationship with customers, in addition to optimizing their potential for remembering them.

In addition, narrative marketing makes everything much more interesting than the use of statistical data or any other resource.

How Can It Help To Create the Company’s Branding?

Nowadays, branding is something companies have to invest in. 

Branding is the set of actions aligned with the positioning, purpose and values of the brand. It’s built to awaken sensations and create consciousness and unconsciousness, which will be crucial for the customer to choose a brand when deciding whether to buy the product or service.

So, think with us: is there a better way to make customers loyal than making them fall in love with the company? It’s by getting an honest bond, showing with creativity what’s behind the curtains and humanizing the business that will help you to find success nowadays.

Storytelling Marketing: 3 Actions that Mid-Day Squares Takes and Really Works

Mid-Day Squares has an amazing Instagram profile. In which they show what they do, what they’ve achieved and the problems they face. They also give tips to entrepreneurs. Everything is done following their brand identity and in a creative way. 

Here are 3 inspiring actions that the company takes and that may inspire you! 

1. Humanize the People Behind The Product

MDS Founders
Jake, Nick and Lezlie, founders of Mid-Day Squares

Customers want to see what happens behind the products. Who is the company’s founder? How do they word it? How is their team? 

Storytelling Marketing is not only about selling, it’s about gaining people’s hearts. In other words, it gives them a human face so they can associate the product. 

An example of it is how Mid-Day Squares majored in Valentine’s Day. With creativity and a bit of sassiness, Lezlie introduced some of the people who work with her company in a way that, when you finish watching the video, you are sure that the employees are well treated and that they love their job.

2. Transparency and Honesty

Entrepreneurism is not only about success. Actually, it’s the opposite of it. So, why not show your community your failures, your struggles and what you did to get back on top. 

To show flaws and weakness doesn’t mean to lose. It means your human and that your company is made of people who make mistakes, get it right, cry and celebrate. They chose to share their story from the beginning and well, that is working very well!

As Lezlie said in a video: “We are building our chocolate empire and we vowed from the beginning to document our entire journey in full transparency. The good, and the bad”.

Mid-Day Squares also has a podcast called Uncensored. In it, they debate different subjects concerning entrepreneurship and business. 

3. Do What No One Else is Doing

Be creative and disruptive! Mid-Day Squares are doing what no one else is. We’re not only talking about functional chocolate. We are also referring to their content, their vibe and their values.

Lezlie, Nick, Jake and their team are being themselves, showing their style and exploring their creative minds to sell their tasty squares, to bring up discussions and to tell their story. 

To sum up, storytelling marketing can be the key to approximate customers to your company. To show that you’re not only selling but leaving a mark with what you are doing. 

Be proud of your journey and history, and transform it into your differential. People are now buying experiences, so that’s what you have to offer them.

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By Júlia Vilaça

Júlia Vilaça

Head of Content & Social Media

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Júlia Vilaça

Head of Content & Social Media

read 4 min
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