A Recap of the Epic FII PRIORITY in 2023

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The FII Priority is an annual conference that brings together world leaders, investors, and innovators to talk about the most important economic and social challenges and possibilities the world is currently experiencing.

The conference includes keynote addresses, presentations, and panel discussions on a range of subjects, including technology, energy, economics, and geopolitics.

Richard Attias and Associates (RA&A) produced the FII PRIORITY. RA&A is a global strategic communications company that arranges high-profile conferences, summits, and events for businesses, governments, and non-profits worldwide. Numerous significant occasions, notably the FII Conference in Saudi Arabia, were planned by RA&A.

The FII PRIORITY core discussions are examined in this article. To address the future of entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainability, it gathered some of the most significant corporate leaders, policymakers, and entrepreneurs worldwide. Get on reading!


At the FII PRIORITY, we learned about the NEOM project. In the northwest region of Saudi Arabia, it aims to diversify the Kingdom’s economy away from oil and gas. It aims to address global challenges such as climate change and environmental degradation.

Many people question whether Saudi Arabia can solve global challenges, but the project’s vision greatly validates the Kingdom’s efforts to think globally.

The project’s unique features include being the epicenter of green hydrogen globally, redesigning how people can live better in the future and being 100% powered by renewable energy.

Through the Panels of the FII PRIORITY

Building Entrepreneurial Ecosystems 

Entrepreneurship is often hailed as the driving force behind economic growth and job creation. Unsurprisingly, many governments worldwide have put policies and initiatives in place to promote and support entrepreneurship.

However, building a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem is a challenging task. It requires a collaborative effort from various stakeholders, including governments, investors, entrepreneurs, and educational institutions.

At the FII PRIORITY, Laura Gavilia Halaby, the co-founder of ZeroAleph, emphasized the importance of encouraging young people to start their own companies. She noted that entrepreneurship is a viable career path for economic growth and job creation. “Entrepreneurship is a career path – start encouraging young people to start companies,” she shared.

A New World of Risk

The panelists discussed the role of regulations in mitigating social impact during the economic recession. Tidjane Thiam, the Executive Chairman of Freedom Acquisition Group, noted that regulations are primarily about people and their behavior. Tidjane emphasized the need for investors to invest in people:  “Invest in people, and you can never go wrong.”

Financing the Energy Transition

At the FII PRIORITY, the panelists discussed the need for innovative technologies that can help solve climate problems. Nili Gilbert, the Vice Chairwoman of Carbon Direct, noted that investors need to understand the immediate investment problems, such as capturing carbon, removing carbon from the atmosphere, and carbon utilization. She also emphasized the need to scale up solutions like green hydrogen.

The One Trillion Dollar Question – How to Create Jobs

The panelists discussed the importance of adaptability and the sense that everyone needs to be on board to create sustainable and innovative jobs. Josh Harris, the Executive Vice President of Palantir Technologies, noted that we need people who know “how to build things.”

At the FII PRIORITY, Donald Tang: Executive Vice Chairman at SHEIN, said, “Partnership and empowering are important – we must make stable jobs and factories get more returns and they continue to give more jobs and wages.”

He also shared that creative jobs are important and so are in demand. “Each consumer has creative ideas and then we take them and manufacture on demand/bespoke .. by bringing in individual designers – get them going through our platform.”

Investing in Quality of Life

For this panel at the FII PRIORITY, the panelists discussed the importance of investing in people’s quality of life. The Crowned Prince of Saudi Arabia set up a ministry focused on quality of life, emphasizing its importance to the Kingdom’s future.

Cities are focused on improving the lives of citizens. Came to Miami originally to maybe save taxes but was impressed at the attitudes of the business and wanted to succeed. Quality of life states is doing well! Then we take the quality of life into hotels. It’s changing because of the definition of quality of life. People are looking for meaning and purpose (sustainable living).  

Craig Robins, the President and CEO of Dacra, noted that improving citizens’ lives should be a focus of cities. Barry Sternlicht, the Chairman and CEO of Starwood Capital Group, noted that a holistic approach to travel is the way to go today.

The Mindset of a Champion

Having a mentor or role model can significantly impact one’s career success, and Alex Rodriguez is a testament to this fact. He shared at the FII PRIORITY that he has always acknowledged the invaluable guidance he received from his mentors throughout his career, which has helped him develop a mindset of a champion.

The mindset of a champion is all about having a winning attitude, determination, and a strong work ethic. Alex Rodriguez, the CEO/Co-Owner of A-Rod Corp, noted that mentors had played an essential role in his career success. He emphasized the importance of learning from others.

Titans of Industry

In today’s fast-paced world, success in business is not just about keeping up with the latest trends and technologies but also about being a good leader. The business world has produced some incredible individuals who have greatly impacted their respective industries. 

Nelson Peltz, CEO, and Founding Partner of Trian Fund Management, and Stephen A Wynn, Founder of Wynn Family Portfolio, have achieved great success in their careers and have insights to share on leadership that are invaluable to anyone looking to succeed in the business world.

Peltz and Wynn shared their thoughts on leadership, motivation, and success at the FII PRIORITY. One of the key takeaways from their discussion was that leadership is what really matters.

According to Peltz, “ordinary people doing extraordinary things” is what sets successful companies apart. In other words, it’s not just about having the latest technology or the most innovative products.

Peace to Prosperity 

Jared Kushner, CEO of Affinity Partners, discussed the importance of shared goals and partnerships in achieving success. He highlighted how Miami and Saudi Arabia could unite as places with open-minded people and how the upcoming FII conference in Miami could help the city reach its full potential.

Kushner also spoke about the recent Abraham Accords, which have resulted in a series of peace agreements between Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain. He emphasized that the biggest barriers are often in our minds and that there is no such thing as permanent enemies. By focusing on shared goals, anything is possible.

Space: Harnessing the Frontier 

The conference also featured a panel discussion on the future of space exploration, highlighting how private equity has played a significant role in accelerating the new space economy. With benefits ranging from climate change to rare minerals contained in asteroids, space exploration has the potential to address a wide range of global issues.

The Future of Living

Another panel discussion focused on the future of living, with Ben Horowitz, Co-Founder of Andreessen Horowitz, highlighting the importance of investing in founders who are passionate about solving real problems. Adam Neumann, Founder and CEO of Flow, emphasized the need to empower local entrepreneurs and partner with governments leading the way in innovation.

“Community and family are two words that speak to who we are. If you can take the challenges we have today, apply the best technologies, and partner with governments leading the way in innovation, we can start looking at an exciting future. Bring the local entrepreneurs and empower them”, he said.


The FII PRIORITY closed with an inspirational talk by Tony Robbins, who encouraged attendees to reflect on the moments that have shaped them and to focus on the hope that the future holds.

Overall, the conference showcased the power of partnerships and shared goals in driving success and addressing global challenges.

Tony Robbins inspired and left everyone with an exercise to touch our hearts and feel the moments that have been the most impactful, making us who we are today! There couldn’t be a more perfect ending to what were two days of wisdom and inspiration on stage at the FII PRIORITY.

More About RA&A

RA&A is a global strategic communication firm founded by Richard Attias, a leading expert in executing high-impact live experiences, curating influential platforms, and creating unique content. Founded in 2008, the firm has grown to an international team of more than 120 across offices in New York, Paris, Riyadh, Dubai, Dakar, and Beijing.

On February 7th & 8th, we had the pleasure of hosting the 8th Worldwide Talks in partnership with The Canvas. The event returned as a hybrid model with a physical summit in NYC and a digital summit with speakers across the globe. The event is on-demand on our Youtube Channel. You can watch it anytime by clicking here

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