3 Most Trendiest Fashion Styles of the Year
3 Most Trendiest Fashion Styles of the Year
3 Most Trendiest Fashion Styles of the Year


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3 Most Trendiest Fashion Styles of the Year

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There is never a dull moment for the fashion industry! No matter what time of the year it is, you will always see it in a rush. The creation of patterns, mixing and matching of colors, and designers’ urge to manifest their creativity rightly make the fashion industry happen. Every day is a new day. You can see fashion trends and jewelry brands rising to fame overnight, and kudos to the age of social media that has facilitated the process.

Every New Year comes with a surprise from the fashion world. The richness of prints, the playfulness of colors, and the uniqueness and delicacy of cuts and trims leave you awestruck at times. Trying out the latest fashion styles is always something we all look forward to. An escape from regular clothing is always a delight, and who does not like experimenting with looks to look good?

Here are 3 trendiest fashion styles of the years that you must consider trying and adopting:

Trendiest Fashion Style

Revisiting Early 2000s

Did the early 2022 and 2021 feel like going back to the 2000s? It sure did! So many fashion trends from back then came to the forefront and flooded out social media feeds, giving us the right amount of nostalgia and will to jump on the bandwagon.

The patterned and kitschy pants made quiet and came back, and we saw celebrities and social media influencers and the whole younger lot going gaga over the trend. The bright colors managed to catch many eyes and are here to stay for a longer time.

We saw a boost in sales of neon-colored accessories and tracksuits. One-shouldered tank tops were also seen paired with the statement pants. This half-year has felt like reliving the good old days, and this might be a great time to pull out your clothing that dates back to the early 2000s and give it another try!

Flare Jeggings

This term might not sound familiar, but you will surely be taken aback the moment you look at them. The cat is out of the bag; flare jeggings are merely a new name for the yoga pants. That’s fine; things do get renamed and rebranded. The real shock is the shift in the way we used to wear them.

Wearing flare jeggings can make you a fashionista. There are plenty of ways to style them, and you won’t have to shy away from wearing them to a dinner date. They look amazing. The newly introduced slit right in the middle front is a much-needed modification in the yoga pants.

You can wear them with a tee-shirt, sweatshirt, or cropped top; nothing will stop you from looking absolutely chic. Pair them with platform sandals or sneakers; you will rock every look you create, and jegging pants will surely make the heads turn as you walk by.

Gender-Neutral Clothing

Ever since gender and identity-related debates have started, the fashion industry has shifted its focus to making gender-neutral clothes. After the massive success of unisex fragrances, you will find a lot of international brands introducing unisex clothing lines.

The very notion of shattering gender norms and bringing a sense of equality in order to eradicate sexism has resulted in a boost in gender-neutral clothing sales. Many celebrities, for example, Harry Styles, have played a key role in promoting it. The best part is you can share your clothes with your partners! Going to work with your husband’s sweater isn’t going to raise eyebrows anymore. It’s a trend!

What to Follow?

Clothing and style is something that is very personal. It varies from person to person. A major aim of the fashion industry and trends is to make you look good because when you look good, you feel good.

No matter what the trend is, follow it only when you find it comfortable. If you cannot pull off an outfit or accessory well, it will be turned off and will spoil your overall look, thus, making you feel less confident.

Deciding what to follow and what not is wholly your choice, and you must do what makes you feel good. There are and will be many trends, and nothing is wrong with trying them. Choice what makes you feel comfortable.

The Bottom Line

Fresh trends are endless, but they do keep coming back after a few years, which gives you an opportunity to remodel your old clothes and bring them to your use, thus, lending your support to sustainable fashion campaigns.

Don’t be reluctant to experiment with your looks and clothing. To make the right choice and find what suits you best, you will have to go through the process. Consider revisiting your old wardrobe or going through the cartons in your attic, old fashion trends are making a comeback, and you might get to wear your tees that you never got a chance to try.

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* Written by Aliza Zulfiqar

Editor’s Note: The opinions expressed here by Fashinnovation’s columnists are their own, not those of Fashinnovation.




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