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Fashion Is “African Heritage & Design”

Jun 5, 2020
Fashion Is “African Heritage & Design” | African Fashion | Farai Simoyi | Kwaku Bediako

Alexis Rai Hernandez, Director of Digital Strategy & Partnerships of African Fashion Foundation; Farai Simoyi, Founder of The Narativ; Kwaku Bediako, Founder of Chocolate Clothing; and Roberta Annan, Founder of African Fashion Foundation, got together to discuss the influences of African culture on fashion. As they said, the market has a lot to contribute to the African culture, but the other hand around is also true. The international industry has a lot to learn from their techniques and their powerful heritage.

The Speakers

Meet your Fashinnovators

Alexis Rai Hernandez
Alexis Rai Hernandez
Director of Digital Strategy & Partnerships, African Fashion Foundation

Alexis Rai is an international brand strategist with over a decade of experience in fashion, social impact, hospitality, and empowerment. Her work focuses on aligning brands with their objectives through innovative strategies and partnerships.

Roberta Annan
Roberta Annan
Founder, African Fashion Foundation

Roberta Annan is a Ghanaian businesswoman and the founder of the African Fashion Foundation. She is also an investor, philanthropist, and a United Nations Environment Programme Goodwill Ambassador. She was the youngest African to be inducted into the African Leadership Hall of Fame.

Kwaku Bediako
Kwaku Bediako
Founder, Chocolate Clothing

Kwaku Bediako is a Ghanaian contemporary fashion designer and founder of Chocolate Clothing. The name Chocolate according to Kwaku is meant to drive more interest and craving in people towards his products, a revelation he made in an interview with CNN on African Start-up.

Farai Simoyi
Farai Simoyi
Founder, The Narativ

From fashion designer to fashion executive, this global leader exemplifies the business of international fashion and development. Honored on the pages of FORBES and featured by Vogue, anda many others for her contributions to the fashion industry.


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