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Tech & Sustainability

Sep 10, 2020
Fashion Is Textiles & Chemicals via Technology Shaping Sustainability Efforts

Kerry Bannigan (Founder of Conscious Fashion Campaign), Charlotte McCurdy (Researcher & Designer), Alon Moshe (CEO & CO- Founder of Twine Solutions), Giulio Bonazzi (CEO& Chairman of Aqualifil/ Econyl) and Dr. Gregory Altman (CO- Founder& CEO of Evolved By Nature) engaged on a discussion about Textiles & Chemicals. “During the pandemic, the United Nations announced a call to action to focus on science solutions and solidarity that can usher in a new era of transformative action for a healthier, more equitable and green. Each of my panelists, they are committed to innovative solutions to shape a more sustainable fashion industry by textiles chemicals and technology.”- Kerry. Watch the full video to learn more!

The Speakers

Meet your Fashinnovators

Charlotte McCurdy
Charlotte McCurdy
Researcher & Designer

“Charlotte McCurdy is an award winning interdisciplinary designer and researcher who works at the intersection of technology, futuring, and existential threats. Her work on carbon-negative materials, “After Ancient Sunlight,” debuted as part of “Nature — The Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial.””

Alon Moshe
Alon Moshe
CEO & Co Founder, Twine Solutions

Alan Moshe is the CEO & Co-Founder of twine solutions ltd., a technology startup developing a proprietary, revolutionary, digital thread dyeing system and digital dye to match algorithm based application. Twine’s DST™ technology enables thread dyeing on- demand and ready to use within seconds with high GRADE in a unique, waterless, eco- friendly process.

Giulio Bonazzi
Giulio Bonazzi

Giulio Bonazzi is Aquafil S.p.A. CEO. After several years of investment in R&D and a relentless pursuit of a new way to regenerate nylon, ECONYL® was born. Aquafil launched ECONYL® in 2011 and today it is one of the most sought after yarn materials in the world for fashion designers and carpet manufacturers.

Kerry <br>Bannigan
Founder, Conscious Fashion Campaign

Kerry Bannigan: Kerry Bannigan is a British social entrepreneur, advocate and advisor pioneering global fashion and media initiatives to accelerate transformative action for social, economic, and environmental change. Kerry is the Founder of the Conscious Fashion Campaign, founding member and Executive Producer of the SDG Media Zone and the President of the Board at the PVBLIC Foundation. Her portfolio spans over 14 years of purpose-driven programming, event production and high-level partnerships with brands, government, and United Nations agencies.

Dr. Gregory Altman
Dr. Gregory Altman
Co-Founder & CEO, Evolved By Nature

A leading expert in natural silk biomaterials, Greg heads strategy and innovation at Evolved By Nature™. His extensive research into silk’s biocompatibility with the human body led to the creation of his first company, Serica Technologies, where he and Dr. Rebecca Lacouture developed the first FDA-approved silk-based medical device for soft tissue reconstruction.


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