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Empowerment & Tech

Feb 1, 2019
Women Empowerment & Fashion Tech Style

There are many aspects that go into fashion, such as self-love, body image, funding, gender equality, streetwear and sustainability. Fashion is a unique part of every woman as well as how we feel empowered within ourselves. Women all over should celebrate and empower each other. In a world that is changing all the time, there are many different cultural backgrounds that play a part in today’s society. Check out the full video to be inspired by Ruth DeGolia, Jazerai Allen-Lord, Niki Srinivasa, Dominique Drakeford and Céline Semaan and hear different points of view on Women Empowerment & Fashion Tech Style.

The Speakers

Meet your Fashinnovators

Ruth <br>DeGolia
Founder & Executive Director, Mercado Global

Ruth DeGolia is the Founder and Executive Director of Mercado Global, an accessory brand and non-profit that empowers rural Latin American women to become entrepreneurs. Through donor-funded business education and leadership programs, they help women create community businesses to support themselves and their families.

Niki Srinivasa
Niki Srinivasa
Fashion Designer

Niki Srinivasa is the Head Designer of and Founder of Niki Srinivasa. The International Design Award-Winning Fashion Designer, Textiles Creator, and Artist forward-thinking creative who has a unique passion for innovation, trend-setting and visionary work within the fashion industry.

Jazerai Allen Lord
Jazerai Allen Lord
Creative Strategist, Crush & Lovely

Jazerai Allex-Lord, sneaker strategist, consultant and designer, is changing the sneaker industry for women. Allen-Lord is the director at Crush & Lovely.

Dominique Drakeford
Dominique Drakeford
Founder, Melaninass & CO-Creator, Sustainable Brooklyn

Dominique Drakeford is the Founder of MelaninASS (Melanin And Sustainable Style) and Co-Creator of Sustainable Brooklyn. She’s an environmental educator, community advocate, social sustainability writer and influencer. She’s working to bridge the gap between the sustainability movement and targeted communities.

Céline Semaan
Céline Semaan
Founder, Slow Factory & CO-Founder, The Library Study Hall

Céline Semaan, the Founder & VP of Sustainability of Foundation of Study Hall Foundation, an annual Summit at the United Nations, with global conferences throughout the year fostering partnerships and education around sustainability literacy in Fashion and beyond.





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